Week 8 Picks

Another week of picks with the boys


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Jaxin Osinski, Patrick Lynch, and Andrew Hanson


Andrew- 29-12

Patrick- 25-16

Jaxin- 26-15

Falcons vs. Panthers

Andrew- Falcons; Falcons offense puts on a show.

Patrick- Falcons; I flipped a coin but I do think their offense has a chance to impress.

Jaxin- The Panthers have been playing good; I think they win this prime time division game. 

Vikings vs. Packers

Andrew- Packers; Rodgers is the best to ever do it.

Patrick- Packers; Packers have shown their dominance as the top of the NF North.

Jaxin- Packers, Rodgers showed last week that he is back.

Titans vs. Bengals

Andrew- Titans; Absolute blowout.

Patrick- Titans; King Henry.

Jaxin- Titans, bounce back week for Tennessee.

Jets vs. Chiefs

Andrew- Chiefs; No explanation.

Patrick- Chiefs; No comment.

Jaxin- Chiefs, the Jets blow.

Colts vs. Lions

Andrew- I think the Colts barely win this one.

Patrick- Lions; I gotta keep rocking with my guy Matt Stafford.

Jaxin- Lions continue on and win another close game. 

Steelers vs. Ravens

Andrew- Game of the week, I got the Ravens.

Patrick- Steelers; I think this game will come down to the wire.

Jaxin- Steelers, I am very high on this team this year.

Rams vs. Dolphins 

Andrew- Rams; Tua makes too many mistakes in his debut.

Patrick- Rams; Looked good against the bears and can repeat against a rookie Tua.

Jaxin- Rams looked real good on Monday Night Football, I think they put a stop to Tua Time.

Patriots vs. Bills

Andrew- Bills; I think they pull it out in a close one.

Patrick- Bills; Patriots offense isn’t the same with Cam and they haven’t figured it out yet.

Jaxin- Both these teams have been struggling; I am gonna take the Bills.

Raiders vs. Browns

Andrew- The Raiders pull this one out.

Patrick- Browns; Once again sleeper team, will be a tough fight though.

Jaxin- Raiders bounce back this week, especially with OBJ done for the season.

Chargers vs. Broncos

Andrew- Broncos; Drew Lock makes a statement.

Patrick- Chargers; Defense is too strong.

Jaxin- Herbert is balling right now; I got the Chargers. 

Saints vs. Bears

Andrew- Saints; Bears Suck.

Patrick- Bears; Drew Brees is overrated and Kyle Fuller is a top 3 CB right now.

Jaxin- Bears offense is so bad; I got the Saints. 

49ers vs. Seahawks

Andrew- Close game but I think the 49ers defense overwhelms.

Patrick- Seahawks; Basically a bye week for us after a tough game with the Cardinals.

Jaxin- Bounce back game for Russ and the Seahawks.

Cowboys vs. Eagles 

Andrew- Flipped a coin and went with Philly.

Patrick- Eagles; Picking the Cowboys is asking to lose.

Jaxin- I am gonna take Philly because Dallas defense is so bad.

Buccaneers vs. Giants

Andrew- Bucs by blowout.

Patrick- Bucs by a million.

Jaxin- Buccaneers are rolling right now; Tampa gets it done again this week in a prime time match up.