Week 11 Picks

Another week, another set of picks from the boys


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Jaxin Osinski, Patrick Lynch, and Andrew Hanson

Overall Records

Andrew- 56-27

Patrick- 50-33

Jaxin-  53-30

Cardinals vs Seahawks

Andrew- Cardinals, Seahawks are playing terrible

Patrick- Seahawks; Dunlap will show up big for us

Jaxin- I think Rus makes an adjustment and gets the win

Eagles vs Browns

Andrew- Browns take this one

Patrick- Browns; still my AFC sleeper

Jaxin- Browns continue their playoff push

Falcons vs Saints

Andrew- Saints, famous Jameis time

Patrick- Saints; Jameis will ball out

Jaxin- Even with Brees out Winston steps in and gets the W

Bengals vs Washington

Andrew- Bengals, Joe Burrow

Patrick- Washington; Chase Young

Jaxin- Bengals this is a rough one but I like Joe Burrow

Lions vs Panthers

Andrew- Lions, no CMC or Teddy

Patrick- Lions; I think this could go either way but if Teddy is hurt the Lions have a better shot

Jaxin- If Teddy Bridgewater plays I got Carolina and if he doesn’t I got Detroit

Steelers vs Jaguars

Andrew- Steelers, blowout 

Patrick- Steelers; Undefeated streak continues

Jaxin- Steelers stay undefeated

Titans vs Ravens

Andrew- Titans shut them down

Patrick- Titans; Ravens have been figured out

Jaxin- Bounce back game for Lamar and the Ravens 

Patriots vs Texans

Andrew- Texans, close game but I trust Deshaun

Patrick- Pats; Texans have issues that need to be fixed 

Jaxin- Pats prove for a third straight week they are back on track

Dolphins vs Broncos

Andrew- Dolphins, Broncos are injured

Patrick- Dolphins; Broncos have injuries and Tua is on fire

Jaxin- Tua time continues 

Jets vs Chargers

Andrew- Chargers, hard to pick the Chargers when Herbert looks like that

Patrick- Chargers; Jets are terrible

Jaxin- Herbert gets the win with his new haircut

Packers vs Colts

Andrew- Packers, can’t bet against the best team in football

Patrick- Colts; should be really close but I like the Colts chances

Jaxin- Game of the week in my opinion but Packers overcome the best defense in football

Cowboys vs Vikings

Andrew- Viking, I hate both of these teams but the Vikings are better

Patrick- Vikings; This game sucks but Dalvin Cook can win it for the Vikings

Jaxin- Vikings continue their hot streak  

Chiefs vs Raiders

Andrew- Chiefs, revenge 

Patrick- Chiefs; no reason they lose this game

Jaxin- Redemption game for KC

Rams vs Buccaneers

Andrew- Rams get their revenge on Brady

Patrick- Buccaneers; Rams can’t hang with Bucs defense

Jaxin- Buccaneers get the win in prime time