Week 7 NFL Picks

Hot Takes is back again with weekly picks


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Andrew Hanson, Patrick Lynch, and Jaxin Osinski

Andrew, Jaxin, and Patrick return to make their week 7 picks.

Overall Records: 

Andrew 18-10

Jaxin 18-10

Patrick 16-12

Giants vs. Eagles 

Andrew- Eagles, Giants are just so bad.

Patrick- Eagles; Giants are consistently poor performers.

Jaxin- The Eagles have looked better and giants are just really bad; I got the Eagles.

Bills vs Jets

Andrew- Bills, No explanation needed.

Patrick- BIlls; Jets are trash.

Jaxin- The Bills are gonna have a bounce back against the worst team in football.

Cowboys vs Washington

Andrew- Cowboys, Cowboys have too much star power.

Patrick- Cowboys; Washington is in a bad spot right now.

Jaxin- Red Rifle is going to bounce back and beat a bad Washington team.

Lions vs Falcons

Andrew- Falcons, no reason I’m just guessing.

Patrick- Lions; Matt Stafford is underrated.

Jaxin- Falcons are looking better under a new coach and with Julio healthy I think they beat the Lions. 

Seahawks vs Cardinals

Andrew- Cardinals, I think this is Kyler Murray’s breakout game.

Patrick- Seahawks; 6-0 soon.

Jaxin- Arizona has showed some potential but I think Mr. Unlimited gets is done with the Hawks this week.

Jaguars vs Chargers 

Andrew- Chargers defense is too much.

Patrick- Chargers; Defense is strong.

Jaxin- I think Herbert finally gets his first win after balling out in four straight loses. 

Buccaneers vs Raiders

Andrew- Buccaneers are on a roll.

Patrick- Buccaneers have been playing really well.

Jaxin- Raiders looked really good against the Chiefs I think they continue it this week.

Panthers vs Saints

Andrew- I think the Saints play an all around good game.

Patrick- Saints; Saints are playing really well.

Jaxin- I like the Panthers but after how they played last week I got the Saints.

Browns vs Bengals 

Andrew- Browns bounce back week.

Jaxin- I think the Browns come back off a rough week in Pittsburg and get a win.

Patrick- Browns; still my sleeper this season.

Packers vs Texans

Andrew- Packers, bounce back week.

Patrick- Packers; Texans can’t compete in any metric.

Jaxin- Packers are going to bounce back I think Aaron Rodgers will be dominant. 

Steelers vs Titans

Andrew- Steelers are looking good and I think they’ll keep that up this week.

Patrick- Titans; They’ve been playing well and Derrick Henry is an animal.

Jaxin- Game of the week that is hard to pick but I have to take the Steelers. 

Chiefs vs Broncos 

Andrew- Chiefs, No brainer.

Patrick- Chiefs; easy lock.

Jaxin- Chiefs are gonna continue on and lay the beat down.

Bears vs Rams

Andrew- I think the Rams pull this out.

Patrick- Bears; Nick Foles is leading the Bears to a winning season this year.

Jaxin- Bears find a way to win and I think they find a way on Monday night. i