Week 13 Picks

Back again with your weekly NFL picks from the Hot Takes boys


Sruthi Ramesh

(Left to Right) Patrick Lynch, Andrew Hanson, and Jaxin Osinski are the hosts of “Hot Takes.”

Patrick Lynch, Jaxin Osinski, and Andrew Hanson

Overall Records 

Jaxin- 70-43

Patrick- 70-43

Andrew- 76-37

Saints vs. Falcons
Jaxin- Falcons with a big upset.
Patrick- Saints, but it could be close.
Andrew- Saints, I could see this being an upset.

Browns vs. Titans
Jaxin- Titans, they are rolling right now.
Patrick- Titans, Browns can’t beat anyone over .500.
Andrew- Titans, Browns are frauds.

Lions vs. Bears
Jaxin- In an awful match up Bears defense overwhelms the Lions and they barely win.
Patrick- Lions; Bears are laughably bad at this point in the season.
Andrew- Bears, Lions are just the worst.

Bengals vs. Dolphins
Jaxin- With Burrow out the Bengals don’t stand a chance.
Patrick- Dolphins; Tua has been looking good and the Bengals have not.
Andrew- Dolphins, Bengals without Burrow is worse than the Jets.

Jaguars vs. Vikings
Jaxin- Vikings stay a sleeper in the NFC and get the win.
Patrick- Vikings; Dalvin Cook continues to carry.
Andrew- Vikings, they’ve been hot recently and they continue.

Colts vs. Texans
Jaxin- Watson is a stud but he has no help, Colts win big.
Patrick- Colts, better all around team.
Andrew- Colts, better all around.

Raiders vs. Jets
Jaxin- It’s the Jets so you have to pick the opposing team.
Patrick- Raiders, Jets won’t win a game this season.
Andrew- Raiders, easy pick.

Giants vs. Seahawks
Jaxin- Giants aren’t very good and are worse with Daniel Jones out, Seattle dominates.
Patrick- Seahawks, Giants have been playing better but can’t touch the birds.
Andrew- Seahawks, Giants are a terrible team despite leading the NFC least.

Rams vs. Cardinals
Jaxin- Cardinals are a good team although have lost two in a row, although they get the win at home.
Patrick- Rams, I think they are being slept on and they pull this out.
Andrew- Cardinals, game of the week.

Patriots vs. Chargers
Jaxin- I’m gonna go against Bill and take the Chargers.
Patrick- Chargers; Rookie QB or not Pats this year have been stale.
Andrew- Patriots, Belichick eats rookie QBs for breakfast.

Eagles vs. Packers
Jaxin- Eagles are awful, Rodgers dices them up.
Patrick- Packers, Wentz is playing the worst football of his career.
Andrew- Packers, Packers could be on upset alert this week.

Broncos vs. Chiefs
Jaxin- Pretty much a bye week for the Chiefs.
Patrick- Chiefs by a million.
Andrew- Chiefs, blowout.

Washington vs. Steelers
Jaxin- Steelers, the only undefeated team will remain undefeated.
Patrick- Steelers, Washington isn’t a threat to the undefeated record.
Andrew- Steelers, one of the best teams in the league.

Bills vs. 49ers
Jaxin- Niners got a big win last week but the Bills are too good.
Patrick- Bills, 49ers don’t have it like they used too with all these injuries
Andrew- Bills, niners are a shell of themselves.

Cowboys vs. Ravens
Jaxin- Lamar’s back and I think Ravens dominate after COVID took them over for two weeks.
Patrick- With Lamar back I think it’s a lock for the Ravens.
Andrew- Ravens, basically a bye week for the Ravens.