Jax Drezek & Learning German


Elektra Lowe

Jax Drezek points to a German flag in Mr. Stoll’s room.

Elektra Lowe, Reporter

Sophomore Jax Drezek taught himself German at the young age of 12. It took him about three years to get to where he is at today, and he is still learning during any free time he gets. 

But what made him want to learn it in the first place? “German is a language that most people find hard but I find super easy, it just makes sense to me when I learn it,” Drezek said. “I love the way German sounds.”

When asked, was it worth it in the end? “Most definitely!” Drezek said. “Not only will it be handy if I ever go to Germany or meet a German person here in the states.” 

In the workplace, employers love it when people know a second language. It often increases your chances of getting hired at the place that you want to work at. 

“You will get paid extra because you know another language,” Drezek said. “The more languages you know the more cash at the end of the day.”

He finds “the way it sounds, and comes together when speaking it” interesting. He says that to him it sounds like a song. “It just sounds so awesome and I love every word of it,” Drezek states.

Jax Drezek’s family comes from Poland, not Germany. As he is learning German, he is also starting to learn Polish, as it is a part of his family’s heritage. “I do have friends who have lived there or still live there,” Drezek said.