Rylee Peanick & Upholding Tradition


Photo by Sammy Knickmeyer

Rylee Peanick paints final touches on each show brick before she graduates.

Sammy Knickmeyer, Reporter

Most students aren’t aware of what stands behind the doors in the 500 hallway, other than walking through it to get from the buses to their classes. But theatre students, know the ins and outs of getting around in the auditorium and behind the stage. Most students probably think nothing of the ticket booth, but to the students that know what lies behind those windows, there is much more meaning. 

Rylee Peanick is a senior theatre student. She is in Mrs. Gehrke’s Tech 3 class and has participated in many shows at LHS. The ticket booth isn’t just a ticket booth to Peanick. Instead, it is a place of remembrance of past shows Liberty has done. Out of the 12 paintings on the wall in the ticket booth, Peanick has done six. She began painting them in her sophomore year. 

Each painting represents a show done by LHS. The wall of art is visible to students outside of the ticket booth, but most do not see it or do not care to look. 

“It’s okay it isn’t visible to everyone because the people in that program think it’s important and know it’s there,” Peanick said. 

When asked how she felt about graduation and leaving the tradition behind, Peanick said, “It’s sad, but I am happy to see other people I have grown to love, keep it going after I leave.”