Clayton Barteau & Weightlifting


Submitted by Clayton Barteau

Clayton Barteau deadlifts in the Liberty Weight Training room.

Brett Cira, Reporter

Senior Clayton Barteau uses weightlifting to gain confidence and stay motivated.

In elementary school and middle school he was picked on for his size, whereas in high school, he was able to really work hard to put those bullies to shame. When asked how working out has changed him, he said “I believe it made me more social because I was comfortable in my own skin.”

Working out goes way beyond just getting stronger, as Barteau is taking full advantage of all the effects.

For not playing in any sports, he’s one of the most active and strong kids in the school. He’s an averaged sized kid deadlifting 425 lbs and squatting 345. He’s typically the guy to watch in the gym as he’s usually lifting the most

Barteau’s personality has changed for the better as well. He believes that he has been a lot more outgoing. One of the biggest things to come out of lifting weights is people’s work ethics- and he’s one of the hardest workers inside and outside of the gym. Watching him better himself every day is truly inspiring. He has just started, but who knows where he will be years down the road?

Either way, it’s certain that working out will pay off to be a successful habit in his life. Sometimes you just have to believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to.