The Scarlet Spectrum

An array of conservative ideologies explained by right-leaning students


Brooke Huffman

Political ideology is a spectrum, and it’s impossible to pigeonhole an entire party to a specific set of views.

Brooke Huffman, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger

As the media tends to lean more towards liberal views, it’s often hard to find a genuine conservative perspective. Because of this, all conservatives are forced under the same umbrella of bigotry and extremism, which is a label many don’t feel comfortable wearing. In fact, some Republicans are even ashamed to be associated with their own party because of former President Trump. To better understand the variety of views coming from the right, three students agreed to be interviewed about their specific political ideologies: junior Jacob Schwartz, a former Trump supporter, and self-identified libertarian; freshman Will Grimes, a devotee of Trump that leans more right than left; and junior Andrew Bushman, an extreme conservative that dislikes most Republican politicians.


Do you consider yourself a Republican?

Schwartz: I consider myself libertarian… I believe the Republican party does not fully understand the concepts I believe in.

Grimes: [I consider myself a] conservative.

Bushman: Yes.

Do you support former President Donald J. Trump? Why or why not?

Schwartz: For his first three years of presidency, I did support him until the pandemic hit/riots started (George Floyd situation primarily)/ the capital riot/ etc.

Grimes: Yes, I do support Trump.

Bushman: I support Trump because he gave us a rising economy. He helped create thousands of jobs and has not given money away, because people don’t want to get jobs.

What about Trump do you respect?

Schwartz: I truly loved the fact that he spoke his mind and wasn’t afraid to censor what he said.

Grimes: I respect him for what he has done for our country, as he said and kept his word, “we will make America great again.”

Bushman: I respect Trump’s job ethic, and how he gave us a rising economy, and his border security.

What about Trump do you find unappealing?

Schwartz: How he handled the last year of his presidency, he was out of control and said a lot of dumb things. As well as how disrespectful he was to the opposing political side.

Grimes: His attitude towards some others.

Bushman: I don’t like how Trump handled the capitol [riots].

Were you a political person prior to the 2016 election?

Schwartz: Not as much.

Grimes: Not really.

Bushman: Yes, I was a political person before.

How would you describe your personal political ideology?

Schwartz: I’m a libertarian meaning I support more economically conservative ideologies, but more liberal social views like LGBTQ+, science, as well as the general attitude of the left (more caring and understanding).

Grimes: Conservative, I [prefer] a conservative direction for the country.

Bushman: (declined to answer)

Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Explain why or why not?

Schwartz: I used to be completely pro-life until a year ago when I started truly putting myself in other people’s shoes. I am currently leaning more towards pro-choice but believe a heartbeat law should be passed.

Grimes: I’m mixed, if it was a forced, like rape, then choice. But, if you did it just cause, then pro-life.

Bushman: Pro-life.

Do you believe in stricter gun laws? Do you think our current gun laws are too strict?

Schwartz: I believe one important thing Americans have the right to is their right to protect themselves. However, yes we need to be more careful who we give guns to.

Grimes: Our current gun laws are ok. If we make them more strict the good people who get them legally would be harder, the bad people can get guns illegally easily.

Bushman: I think the gun laws shouldn’t be changed, guns don’t kill, people kill.

Do you believe in the recreational legalization of marijuana?

Schwartz: Absolutely, not because I would use it but because I personally don’t believe a drug like that should be controlled by the government.

Grimes: Yes, we should legalize recreational marijuana.

Bushman: I do believe we should legalize marijuana recreational.

Do you support gay marriage? What about specific laws protecting the LGBT community from discrimination?

Schwartz: Gay marriage should absolutely be legal. And laws to protect members of the LGBTQ community against discrimination is important.

Grimes: Yes I support gay marriage and LGBQ.

Bushman: I do support gay marriage, I don’t support trans.

Do you support the Muslim ban?

Schwartz: I can’t say I’m familiar with the Muslim ban, but judging by the name I do not think I would support something like that.

Grimes: Not fully, there should be a system to ensure who is coming into the country.

Bushman: Yes, I support the Muslim ban.

Do you support the building of a wall between the US and Mexico?

Schwartz: I’m not exactly sure. I still believe a strong border patrol is important. I believe America should have closed borders but I do think we need to make it easier to become an American citizen.

Grimes: Yes 100%, we need one on the Canadian side too, they’re too nice.

Bushman: I think the wall is an amazing decision that should continue being made.

Do you support Black Lives Matter? What about Blue Lives Matter? Do you think the two movements are connected?

Schwartz: I support BLM, I also support my police because I know not all police officers are horrible people. I’m not sure if they’re connected, but I do think the Blue Lives Matter was brought up to annoy the left.

Grimes: Yes I do support Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter.

Bushman: I don’t support Black Lives Matter, I support ALM (All Lives Matter) and Blue Lives Matter. They have a little bit of a connection because of cruelty in the past. 

Do you support the actions of the capitol rioters?

Schwartz: Absolutely not! I do not believe it was necessarily Trump’s fault. I think his supporters were just being irrational.

Grimes: No, I don’t support the capital riots.

Bushman: I don’t support the capital rioters, but there have been riots on the other side where they ruin cities.

Do you think Biden is a respectable president? Why or why not?

Schwartz: I don’t like Biden but also don’t hate him. I think he’s a better option than Trump.

Grimes: No, I do not think he holds the certain responsibilities and characteristics to be a president.

Bushman: I don’t think Biden should be president, I think him and Kamala are the worst choice.

Who do you think is the future of the republican party?

Schwartz: I honestly don’t know. I would like to see a libertarian become president (which I know won’t happen).

Grimes: (declined to answer)

Bushman: Trump, I believe he has done so much to help that he will get elected again next election.

Which politicians do you support most?

Schwartz: I don’t support any politicians anymore… They’ve all lost my trust.

Grimes: (declined to answer)

Bushman: I don’t know many Republican politicians I care for to be honest.

If you could explain your personal position to all of those that disagree with you, or come off as attacking towards you, what would you say?

Schwartz: You can believe what you want, but attacking me or my political beliefs will get us nowhere as Americans closer to peace.

Grimes: You don’t have to agree with me, we are all different.

Bushman: I think that it’s not racist to support Blue Lives Matter, that supporting Black Lives Matter is racist. Saying that is saying that they haven’t mattered, they have had equal rights for a long time, but when there is an inconvenience they blame their past and their colors.