North Point Begins To Hire Staff For Inaugural Year

A few teachers with ties to Liberty are among the new staff at NPHS



The North Point common area, located beneath the main stairwell.

Emily Bohn, Reporter

Nicknamed “The Crossroads of America”, it should come as no surprise that Wentzville is the fastest growing city in Missouri; and with that comes a constant demand for more room for the increasing amount of students. Just eight years after the opening of Liberty, another new high school – North Point – is opening next fall. 

With mascot “the Grizzlies” and school colors of orange and blue, the school would seemingly bear no resemblance to Liberty High, if not for its exact same floor plan. 

A little while back, Wentzville made the decision to keep one distinct model for every elementary, middle, and high school in order to save money. This is why Duello Elementary and Discovery Ridge Elementary look the same, and why North Point and Liberty will look the same as well. 

Some of the Liberty’s staff will be working at North Point next school year, including current assistant football coach Zangrilles (who will teach P.E./health and serve as the new varsity football coach), LHS assistant band director Mr. O’Donnell (who will be the head band director), and Horizons leader Mrs. Lewis, who will be establishing the program at the school.

For Lewis, this will cause her schedule to change, putting her at North Point Tuesday and Friday mornings. She chose to make this transition because of her history teaching the classes of ’24 and ’25. 

Along with the aforementioned teachers, additional staff is steadily been unveiled on North Point’s Twitter @Dr_Shelmire. Some notable figures include the administration: Amanda Shelmire (head principal), Jason Moore (assistant principal), and Jacob Adams (activities director). All three currently work at Holt. 

Located at 2255 West Meyer Road in Wentzville, North Point will be ready to open for the 2021-2022 school year to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.