The Effects Of Work While In School

Why I love having a job


Submitted by Abby Johnson

Having a job and going to school is a good idea because it teaches you responsibility and other aspects in life. 

Abby Johnson, Reporter

It is a rite of passage for many high school students get a part-time job. But a select few, actually work full-time jobs in addition to being full-time student. The ones who work full-time, typically work 40 hour weeks.

Forty hours is a lot. I would know; I am one to work those 40 hours a week, and I will admit sometimes it is a lot. I work five days a week, weekends gone. But if you’re like me, you enjoy working. Working is your escape from school and home. I spent my birthday working because I didn’t want to be home. I know it sounds bad, but when your parents try to control your life all the time you tend to not want to be at home. 

Some students find it easy to juggle work and school and still have a social life, other times it’s a bit difficult. It’s pretty much just about having your priorities in order. But with me, I’m more focused on working and making money just for the simple fact that I need money to live on my own and my parents aren’t going to give it to me. 

At one point this year, I was working two full-time jobs and going to school. That sucked. I was tired and exhausted and my parents were mad at me because they never got to see me. So now, I’m only working one full-time job. No matter where you work or how much you work, it’s going to be a struggle at first. Your priorities should be school, work, social life. School should always come first. 

I just really enjoy having a job because I love working with people and helping out, and can’t forget cleaning. I love cleaning. Some people just want a job to have some extra money to spend but that’s ok. It doesn’t matter why you have a job. It matters how you prioritize having it.  Having a job and going to school is a good idea. It teaches you responsibility and other aspects of life.