Student Council Candidates Make Their Case For Presidency


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Tess Roberts and Aleigha Schnable are running against Bella Bahr and Carson Clay in the Student Council presidential election.

Grayce Page, Reporter

LHS will vote for a new president and vice president of Student Council on Friday, April 16 during all three lunch shifts.

Students will be able to vote for Tess Roberts/Aleigha Schnable or Carson Clay/Bella Bahr. We interviewed them leading up to Friday’s election.

If elected, what do you as a leader bring to this position that will help to promote growth in the students around you?

Tess Roberts: “Personally I think I’m a very outgoing person. So just school spirit and uplifting of students wanting to get involved in sports and events. Just overall have a bubbly personality.”

Aleigha Schnable: “I feel like I am a very outgoing person, so if elected, I’m going to try to restore the school’s energy, because I feel like this year was really down. We’re already talking to Stuco about events this year and outreach things. And Tess and I have already come up with new ideas that we’re going to be implementing. And were obviously going to be including spirit days and games. And were going to try to go to classes more often and try to get people excited about school.”

Carson Clay: “I hope to bring unity and school spirit to everyone making everyone feel appreciated and welcoming, making it feel like a home.”

Bella Bahr: “If I’m elected, I would like to increase spirit days. I feel like with Covid and everything it’s been different. And I want to give especially the incoming freshmen, the 8th graders now who will become freshman, to give them a chance to experience Liberty to the fullest. And to help the school grow in every way possible.”

What are your leadership strengths? 

Tess Roberts: “I’m  very confident in certain things, some things I could be less confident in, but i’ll get the job done no matter what. I put 110% into anything and everything and I understand everybody. I’m a very understandable person.”

Aleigha Schnable: “I’m pretty confident with what I do and I feel like when I do something I don’t second guess myself. I also feel opinionated in a good way. I’m not bossy and I’m good at listening. [In Stuco] we do internal things and I’ve lead a couple things and I’ve been able to learn how to listen to people and be able to hear what they say.”

Carson Clay: “Communication. It’s not so much just talking more; just reaching out to everyone and more branching out and having people come together.”

Bella Bahr: “Having experience of being an officer in student council this year. So I’ve definitely been able to work with a lot of people and I’ve gotten a lot of leadership opportunities.”

Alix Queen


Tess Roberts: “Second guessing myself at some points. Or just stressing myself out over little things that don’t need to be stressed out about.”

Aleigha Schnable: “Public speaking. That’s something I need to work on. I’m really nervous about saying my speech in front of the school on the announcement. So I’ve been working on that. I guess I’m not as nervous because I already embarrass myself.”

Carson Clay: “I typically overthink things, making myself look at all possibilities. Just trying to always make sure everything is the best.”

Bella Bahr: “I’m very much a perfectionist, so I like everything to be perfect and take my time with everything.”

What ideas do you have to increase school spirit?

Tess Roberts: “Having more school events and getting people involved. Since Covid happened, we haven’t had football games, and have pink outs and throw powder in the air. Just overall trying to make Liberty fun.”

Aleigha Schnable: “Tess and I have come up with ideas along with a new event. We wanted to have an Olympics event for the special education kids, so they’ll be able to do fun games in their class. And anyone can come and join them too. I think it’ll be fun to get other people involved. Sometimes it just feels like it’s hard to get people to get excited about events that are outside of school because they’re not forced to do it. Stuco is really excited to have a normal year next year. We’re really excited and going hard next year. We’re going to bring back cheering people who wear red, white and blue for spirit days and stuff like that because I think things like that will help bring back some of the energy.”

Carson Clay: “Bringing back traditional Stuco traditions, like spirit day Fridays and things like that. School announcements are also another thing. Making sports and other activities known. So we can all come together.”

Bella Bahr: “I want to try to do more announcements so people are more aware of spirit days along with events happening. And just try to get everyone to go all out for spirit days.”

What more do you think StuCo can do for our school?

Alix Queen

Tess Roberts: “Stuco really brings the school together. I don’t think people realize how much it does. We raise a lot of money from everybody to be able to do the things they want to do here, really making school fun.”

Aleigha Schnable: “Bring back the energy. We used to be a very spirited school, like, especially student sections. We used to do really good with stuff like that. This year has just been very different. I know for a fact that people are just excited to get back out and go to games. Having those Friday night night’s, having homecoming and the parade. So I think that Stuco is just ready to be Stuco again. I just feel like since I joined Stuco, it actually made school fun. I wake up and think ‘I can’t wait to go see my friends’.”

Carson Clay: “Incorporate more clubs and activities. That’s what we’ve really planned our whole theme around is unity, having all different types of clubs and sports. We can figure out better communication so that we can branch out to other clubs to help sponsor different events. We just want to notify everyone about clubs and sports and so they can join them if they want.”

Bella Bahr: “I believe we can try to include more clubs and make sure everyone is advocated and make sure everyone is able to take care of all the events, not just sporting events.”

Why should people vote for you?

Tess Roberts: “We’re fun, we just want a fun school year, and even if Bella and Carson win, it’ll still be fun. We just want Liberty to be fun again.”

Aleigha Schnable: “I’m very outgoing and I like to reach out to people and I like taking on tasks. And vice president is a bigger role than people realize, so I think even though it’s a lot of work, I’m ready to take it on. And I’ve had leadership roles before like being captain in sports teams and I feel like I thrive in the position to lead others.”

Carson Clay: “We have pretty good spirit. We want what’s best for Liberty.”

Bella Bahr: “So we can increase school spirit and make sure everyone is included.”