Club Makes Unique Comeback At The Eagles’ Home Opener

Educators Rising makes a return by re-opening their football face painting booth

Educators Rising President Athena Widlacki (12) poses with a freshly painted Eagles fan.

Sean Bruce

Educators Rising President Athena Widlacki (12) poses with a freshly painted Eagles’ fan.

Sean Bruce, Reporter

The 2020-2021 school year was undoubtedly a devastating blow to several clubs, one of which being Educators Rising. Educators Rising is a service-based organization for aspiring educators, administrators, and people who simply like to work with kids. Due to the constant level-switching and shutdowns, going into schools to do service projects was virtually impossible for the club. 

Mrs. Genenbacher, the sponsor, also recently had a child last school year, which meant that she was out of school to care for her newborn for a short while. With all members around the school in varying levels of quarantine (and some not even in the building), Educators Rising disappeared for the year.

The school year started up relatively unhindered by the pandemic provided the chance for a fresh start for several clubs, including Ed Rising.

“It feels so good. It just feels right that Educators Rising is back in the community,” Genenbacher said. That sentiment was felt by all members in attendance, who all jumped at the chance of coming back.

The first event that Ed Rising re-established their presence with this year was the return of the beloved face painting stand at the football games.

“It feels like we’re home again, like it was so hard not being here last year and this is my favorite part of Liberty Football,” club president and senior Athena Widlacki said.

Face paint is an integral part of the Liberty High School football experience. Every single game you will see red, white, and blue dotting the faces of excited students in the crowd. 

Every Liberty fan is ecstatic that Ed Rising returned just in time to decorate their faces at the home opener on Sept. 10.

“I’m so glad that Ed Rising is going to paint my face tonight,” said junior Payton Busselman. “It really helps me get into the spirit of the game.”

The spirit of the game came back this year, and a smile appeared on every painted face in the crowd.