New To Liberty: Tabletop And E-Sports Clubs

Both clubs focus on popular games

Grayce Page, Reporter

Games, snacks and new friendships. What more would you want out of a club?

Mrs. Tarrant-Oliphant (T.O.) decided to start a tabletop game club that’s student driven and that makes school somewhat more enjoyable.

“We are playing primarily role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons,” Ms. T.O. said. “But, we welcome anybody who just wants to play games after school and get together with friends.”

They have other games such as Sorry, Uno, Connect 4, Operation, any card game that you want to play- but most people are playing D&D. They meet after school from 2:30- 3:30 p.m. on Mondays in room 210 where snacks are provided for anyone who decides to come.

Members of the tabletop club meet in Mrs. T.O.’s classroom. (Brianna Franklin)

Freshman Jack Towns spoke about his experience so far while participating in tabletop games. He explains how he is enjoying “interacting with different kinds of people” while at the same time being able to participate in a hobby he enjoys.

“I love playing Dungeons and Dragons,” Towns said. “I just started playing and getting the campaign of it actually and it’s really fun.” We also discussed how having tabletop makes coming to school a more enjoyable experience and gives him and other students something to look forward to.

eSports Club To Make Its Debut Soon

Wouldn’t it be a life-changing experience to gain scholarships or even job offers for just playing video games? Well, this could be your chance. Math teacher Mr. Leonard is creating a new and upcoming club called eSports.

Mr. Leonard plans to bring eSports to Liberty for the first time. (Grayce Page)

Esports is still in the works, but will be a club where you can play games like Rocket League, Overwatch, Valerian is growing, and League of Legends and Smash Bros after school. Leonard says that once he gets the club up and running, that he wants to start making teams for people to play at a professional level.

He would like to get school teams, “just like any other sports and have tryouts that will play against other teams in the state.” He adds, “there are state championships, in which this year will be held at the Science Center.” If he is able to get players who are skilled enough to be at the college level, they just might be able to compete.

Mr. Leonard has some first-hand experience playing eSports.

“I played League of Legends at the college level, at Mizzou,” he said. “And then when I got here, it started to get big in Missouri as I was leaving. Colleges in our state are some of the best in the country at eSports and they give really good scholarships and job opportunities. So I was really surprised when I didn’t have one when I got here, so that’s why I want to start it.” 

While Mr. Leonard is the main contributor to eSports, Ms. T.O. is helping, but in her words she says, “he’s the brain, I’m just the team mom who brings snacks.”