New Club Teaches Safe Driving Skills

Driver Safety Club teams up with Autocross Club to inspires students to learn about vehicle safety

Liz Hayes, Reporter

The STL Teens On Course Club, sponsored by Ms. Kleiber, teaches kids about vehicle safety and maintenance. Kleiber has teamed up with junior Katherina Schnardthrost, to help students learn how to drive in different conditions. Their first meeting was on September 16, in room 445.

Schnardthrost’s club will teach you what to do when you hydroplane, spin out, get a flat tire, or need to use jumper cables. This is all hands-on learning, which is something most Drivers Ed classes can’t provide their students.

“We’ve blended these groups together,” Kleiber said. “There are clubs outside of school where they can do that.”

Katerina Schnardthorst (11) address Autocross and Driver Safety Club at their first meeting, Sept. 16. (Cara Turner)

The Sports Car Club of America, or SCCA, is an organization that Schnardthorst is affiliated with. It was running last year but was not affiliated with Liberty until now. During COVID-19, SCCA had a few setbacks including, no co-drivers (not in the household), canceled events, masks when within 6 feet, and a later start to the season. 

This activity can be both a competitive sport and a recreational activity, depending on how comfortable you feel. 

Schnardthorst got into autocross because of her family. Autocross is actually how her mom and stepdad met. She has done both competitive and recreational autocross and has even won fourth place in a competition. Her goal this year is to win second place with her mom, who is in the running for first place for her division.

Katerina Schnardhorst is passionate about safe racing practices. (Rainbow Marks Photography)

To join these clubs, no driving experience is needed, no car, and not even a permit. In the beginning, you will not be driving in a car. This club teaches life-long driving skills.

If you would like to know more about the STL Teens On Course Club, feel free to ask Katherina Schnardthorst or visit Ms. Kleiber’s room, 445.