What Are Spirit Bucks?

Student Council program encourages teachers to show their Liberty pride


Paige Bostic

Teachers can exchange their Spirit Bucks for prizes, including spirit wear at the pop-up boutique.

Paige Bostic, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger

When you walk down the halls of Liberty on a Friday morning, an observant student may notice an uptick of spirit wear among the teachers. Why is this? Many teachers participate in the Spirit Bucks program, in which teachers who wear Liberty spirit wear are eligible to receive Spirit Bucks. When teachers accumulate enough Spirit Bucks, they can exchange them for prizes. 

Ms. Beierman, who teaches chemistry, has participated in Spirit Bucks since it began. 

“[Ms.] Strathman and I usually buddy up to get the bucks. We dress up together. So, I have a whole drawer full of [Spirit Bucks],” explained Beireman. 

Mr. Walterbach, who teaches history, is a less active participant in the program, currently has zero spirit Bucks. Despite this, he has a history of diligently wearing the Liberty colors every Friday. 

[Ms.] Strathman and I usually buddy up to get the bucks. We dress up together. So, I have a whole drawer full of [Spirit Bucks].

— Ms. Beierman

“When it started, I got a lot of Spirit Bucks. And last year I don’t even know if we did it!” Walterbach remarked. 

Spirit Bucks are used to get access to free lunches and merchandise from the Student Council’s pop-up boutique, which is open in the cafeteria on Thursdays. 

“I would get a sweatshirt,” Walterbach decided when asked about which prize he would look for. “Because the school is always cold!”

Ms. Greminger, who teaches Spanish, also wants to accumulate Spirit Bucks to get some clothes bearing the LHS colors.  “[I would get] Liberty gear,” she explained when asked what kind of prizes she looks forward to. “Shirts and sweatshirts!”

Perhaps one of the most active participants in the Spirit Bucks program is Ms. McFadden, who has also been a participant in the program since its beginning days. She reports about 100 have found a home in her drawer.  

“I have a lot because I saved them,” McFadden said. “I didn’t spend any last year, so I want a sweatshirt and I want to get a [free] lunch.” However, Spirit Bucks aren’t the only thing keeping teachers showing their Liberty pride. Many teachers are happy to wear them out of love for the Eagles.  “I’m not looking for anything specific, I just want to save up [my Bucks] and wear spirit wear on Fridays!” McFadden says. 

Whatever the incentive for Spirit Wear, Liberty students can always be on the lookout on Fridays for their favorite teachers proudly displaying their Eagle pride.