Frontier Middle Gets A Taste Of High School Band

Frontier’s eighth grade band plays music with the Eagle Regiment


Anumitha Vaka

Frontier’s 8th-grade band students at the 9/17 home game against Fort Zumwalt South.

Anumitha Vaka, Reporter

The Sept. 17 home game against Fort Zumwalt South was a special one. Liberty’s band was joined by the eighth-grade band from Frontier Middle School. Both bands performed together during the pregame, where they performed Liberty’s “Fight Song” and the “Star-Spangled Banner.” This tradition has been going on for a long time and really is a unique experience for the middle school and high school band members.  

Frontier’s eighth grade and Liberty band students sit in the stands before their pregame performance. (Anumitha Vaka)

“It is quite enthralling. I’m really excited that I have this opportunity so that I will be prepared for next year,” Lorelei Wise (8) said, who plays the flute. 

This experience also introduced the eighth graders to the LHS band members that they will be performing with next year. This was their first performance of the year as well as their first time performing at a football game. Many of the eighth-graders expressed nerves. 

“It’s kind of nerve-racking. My hands are sweaty,” tuba player Mary-Jane Fleming (8) said.   

The performance was just as enjoyable to the high school band as it was to the eighth graders. 

“It is a lot of fun. The middle schoolers are super nice this year and we’re excited to have them as freshmen,” sophomore trumpet player, Leah Dunlap said. 

The opportunity allows the high schoolers to get to know the middle schoolers beforehand. Sophomore trombone player Josh Theriot said, “I think it is pretty cool because we get a preview of what it is going to be like next year since they’re going to be with us.” 

Many of the high school band members have gone through this experience when they were eighth-graders themselves.

“It feels like a really long time ago but I remember when I was in their shoes,” sophomore saxophone player Leilani Green said. “I did not know what I was doing at all so I am just trying to help them. Looking back at it it still blows my mind that I was once where they are- and look how far I’ve come… I just want to see how far they go.”

Frontier eighth grade and Liberty band members take the field before their pregame performance at the home game against Fort Zumwalt South on Nov. 17. (Anumitha Vaka)

Many of the band members are very excited about the future of the LHS band. “I hope it grows so we can be bigger than Timberland and Holt,” Josh Theriot said. 

The pregame show was directed by Sarita Magno-Parsons. Mrs. Magno teaches both high school and eighth-grade band and describes her feelings about the tradition. 

“It is a ton of fun to see them because what you’re seeing is a combination of the future coming up, but also just seeing the looks on the faces of the eighth graders as they have this new experience,” Magno said. “It’s kind of scary but then they get through with it and all the emotions of ‘oh wow that was really neat’ or ‘holy cow that was really scary,’ but that’s all a part of performing. It is really just a part of the growth process, and it is just a ton of fun for me to watch.” 

In the end, both the middle school and high school band members share a sure-to-be memorable moment and are eager for the future.   

“Overall, I just hope we build as a community because we already are one big family and I just want to keep that going,” Leilani Green said.