Weight Training On A Whole New Level


Gabrielle Ball

Kaytlee Thompson (12) gets in the eccentric phase of the front squat in weightlifting class.

If you want to work out based on an individual journey toward growth and potential, you should consider taking weight training. 

Weight training is a class that is a semester long and many students have benefitted from the class, even opting to take it again. You don’t have to be an athlete to sign up. 

“We have fun while doing hard things,” P.E. teacher Mrs. Hall said. “(Students) come in jittery and nervous sometimes but leave with our heads up with big pretty smiles.”

Junior Kyley Rowe is preparing to deadlift the barbell in the beginning phase of the clean progression. (Kira Radichel)

Students seem enjoy the positive environment that the class portrays.

“My favorite thing about the class is that everybody is encouraging to each other,” sophomore Mariah Mhandu said. 

Janet Musangali, a junior, believes that the instructor is a large reason for the class’s popularity. “I really like Mrs. Hall. She’s encouraging and nice to us and understands that we aren’t all experienced and she tries to help us learn more.”

Weightlifting has recently adopted a new program that they use, and according to Ms. Hall, “there is a lot of energy around that.”

The program uses the triphasic training model which is a systematic approach to elite and explosive strength performance. 

“The meat of the workout focuses on a combination of the following lifts depending on the day: back and front squats, bench press, clean progressions including the deadlift. The program we are using this year also includes a couple of dynamic axillaries that increase power and speed,” Hall said.  

My favorite thing about the class is that everybody is encouraging to each other.

— Mariah Mhandu

Hall and Coach Sodemann worked together in developing the weight training program. 

“We both have a lot of passion for sport and health,” Hall said. “In working with Sode, (I can see that) he has so much experience, knowledge, and value without a huge ego about it. He lifts his colleagues up and has been humble and kind enough to unpack all of this science, knowledge, and training expertise side by side. We talk every day and ask each other hard questions. It’s so fun.”