Apply Week Is A First Step In The College Process

Apply week is from Oct. 4-8 and is put in place to give students the time and place to complete college applications


Grayce Page

Students work on college application process in the library on Tuesday.

Grayce Page, Reporter

Apply week is Oct. 4-8 and is the first step of the three steps for The Journey to College program through the state of Missouri. Apply week was created so students can apply to any college of their choice.

Mrs. Gerringer says that “college” can be anything right out of high school. This includes community college, university, trade school, military etc. Apply week is made to be exclusive for all students. Each session is different, some being a general message, some being more specific to a certain group of people with specific interests. For example, if someone is interested in the military, you can participate in the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test, or if someone wants to go to a trade or technical college or university, they have sessions throughout the week where you can apply to your desired session. Students can sign up using this link

Abby Maronic

Apply week also has important tasks for the Common App, community college, Mizzou, etc. All of these sessions will be held in the library on Monday and Tuesday, while the Wednesday through Friday sessions will be held in the counselor’s office.

“Students will be able to start or work on an application for whatever it is that they think they might want to do for high school,” Mrs. Gerringer said.

The goal is to make time and give support to help students complete at least one application for something for life after high school. And while they’re there, Gerringer will have prizes and food because everybody loves prizes and food.

Overall, apply week is put in place so students can understand that they can do it and to give students the time and place to do it since our teens’ lives are very busy and fast-paced. There are other important events coming up.

“The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) frenzy will be held in November where Liberty will be a FAFSA help site,” Mrs. Gerringer said. “Families can do the FAFSA on their own, but if they need some additional help or resources or just feel a little nervous doing it on their own they can come here where we will have financial aid professionals here to help them. And then the final piece of the puzzle is on the Monday after May 1, will be decision day. That’s where everybody hopefully had had the opportunity to evaluate their options that were on the plate and make their final decision and declare that final decision, and we kind of have a little celebration of what everybody’s decisions are.”

Whether you have a plan in your head or you’re losing your mind about what your life will be after high school, you should definitely join at least one session to help better your knowledge about what it is in life that will better prepare you for your future.