Pumpkin Artists Compete In Carving Contest

Mrs. Biere’s sculpture students participate in the annual pumpkin carving contest


Alix Queen

Sculpture students work on their pumpkin creations during lunch.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

Every year art students put their skills to the test in the annual pumpkin carving contest. Students from Ms. Biere’s sculpture class use special techniques to carve out their own designs.

Any school-appropriate design works, however, Ms. Biere tells her students that scary designs do really well. These designs are different from regular carving because the artists shave them and carve the pumpkin designs straight into the pumpkin instead of cutting the top and hallowing it out first.

Whenever the artists are done, their carvings are set on a long plastic table in the lunchroom for display. Students could view the pumpkins while coming into lunch on Oct. 27 and could scan a QR code which led them to a Google form where they could vote on their favorite pumpkin design.

The winners were: first place a team of Addison Grawer and Bella Oldani of their Kanye West pumpkin; second place Amanda Speciale and third place Austin Nichols.

Artists were excited to participate and get feedback from other students.

Abbiegail Luker begins to carve her pumpkin of “The Shining.” (Alix Queen)

“I hope it gets a lot of good responses like everyone thinks of how creative I could be to put it together and maybe even give me some tips on what I can do next time,” sophomore Makayla O’Connor said.

Several students decided to make scary faces and horror-related designs. Some settled on a Spiderman theme, and two people collaborated and carved out the face of celebrity Kanye West.

“I was trying to think of something scary that isn’t to cliche, so I thought of the dad from ‘The Shining.’ That is what I am doing,” junior Abbiegail Luker said.