Noodles: Not the Type You Eat

TikTok trend connects to teenagers’ daily lives


Elizabeth Hamby

This is Noodles the Pug, the 13-years-old pet that has come to control the outcome of your day.

Elizabeth Hamby , Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger

A recent TikTok trend revolves around the app’s famous “Noodles the pug.” Every day his owner Jonathan Graziano props Noodles up in his fluffy bed to inspect for the presence of “bones.”

The trend has become a way for teenagers to justify their feelings for the day whether it be wanting to lounge around, or a strong feeling of accomplishment. 

The “forecast” as the inspection is called, results in either 13-year-old Noodles plopping down preparing for slumber, or standing up ready to take on the world. This commences a “no bones” or “bones day.” 

If the forecast results in a bones day, in the event Noodles is standing, it gives viewers motivation to get stuff done, taking care of themselves while taking on the world. 

A commenter with the username @gayleewilliamd made their proclamation public on one of Graziano’s videos. 

“Noodle(s) has taken over my life, thank god it’s a bones day I can now go to work peacefully,” they commented. 

Junior Kar Badolato without fail checks the forecast every day, and has said that it affects the way their daily functions. 

“It’s weird but it makes me so happy and I look forward to it, even if it’s silly,” Badolato said.

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If the forecast results in a no-bones day, viewers are encouraged to take it easy, possibly even justifying slumbering in bed similar to Noodles.         

It is not too late to jump on this trend, Noodles will accept the love and appreciation. If you want to purchase his merchandise CLICK HERE.