Is Social Media Tearing Generation Z Apart?

Despite the likes, followers and controversies with social media, it has mixed point of views. Do you think socal media is a bad influence?


Brooke Ohearn

For Generation Z, social media is about likes and followers.

Brooke Ohearn, Reporter

Social media has been around for decades. It’s connected people all around the world, but it’s also started arguments and controversies inside Generation Z. 

Not only has it caused controversies, but it’s also dividing everyone. All kinds of arguments have been started across social media ranging from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course TikTok.

For example, the 2021 Presidential Election was really heated and exaggerated all over TikToks for you page with everybody’s options on the election. 

Donald Trump also started a controversy on Twitter saying “we’re looking at TikTok, we might be banning TikTok.”

Many people on TikTok came together and talked about how the platform was going to be banned, but it never actually happened. That shows we can come together and solve issues on social media.

And yes, there may be debates about certain issues, but it does not mean Generation Z can’t come together and solve issues. 

When protests like Black Lives Matter, police brutality and Asian hate began, it circled all over TikTok and other social media platforms. Making it so everyone stood up together as a group and generation. 

We as a whole generation use social media as a safe way to express ourselves and use our voices about how we feel on issues. We should be able to do that without being judged or hated on.

Now yes, social media nowadays can be about popularity, followers, likes, and arguments, but it helps bring people together, so I believe if we all work together as a generation, then it can be more than just about a like on a post.

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Is social media a bad influence?


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