2017 NFL Mock Draft

Sophomore Donny Robinson makes his team-by-team first round predictions

2017 NFL Mock Draft

Donny Robinson, Reporter

The NFL Draft takes place April 27-29 when the top college players are picked by pro teams. Liberty sophomore Donnie Robinson makes his expert picks of who he believes each team should select.


1. Cleveland Browns 

  • Myles Garrett – Defensive End, Texas A&M

The Browns could get any quarterback they want in this draft with this pick but why not pick the best player in the draft to help rebuild their defense.


2. San Francisco 49ers

  • Solomon Thomas – Defensive End, Stanford

The 49ers are more than likely going to trade for Kirk Cousins so they need to establish the defensive side of the ball.

3. Chicago Bears  

  • Jamal Adams – Strong Safety, LSU

The Bears chose Mike Glennon as their quarterback so the next issue is safety and Jamal Adams might be the best one in the draft.


4. Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Jonathan Allen – Defensive End, Alabama

The Jaguars need defensive help badly and they could keep building with an elite pass rusher who comes from an elite school who has stars lining up to go to the NFL.

5. Tennessee Titans

  • Marshon Lattimore – Cornerback, Ohio State

The Titans need help in the secondary badly and getting the top corner in the draft could start something great for the hopeful Titans.


6. New York Jets

  • Deshaun Watson – Quarterback, Clemson

I had this vision in my head since last year and I think it will become a reality as the Jets need a franchise quarterback and Deshaun Watson proved he can take a team to a championship despite                                    it being division 1 college football.

7. Los Angeles Chargers 

  • Cam Robinson – Offensive Tackle, Alabama

The Chargers need to build their offensive line to help Melvin Gordon succeed and to give Philip Rivers time in the pocket and get a playoff push in their new home.


8. Carolina Panthers

  • Derek Barnett – Defensive End, Tennessee

The Panthers need to get a pass rusher early and get offensive line help in the second round and drafting one of the best defensive ends in college football history is like drafting a franchise legend on a young Panthers team.


9. Cincinnati Bengals 

  • Reuben Foster – Inside Linebacker, Alabama

The Bengals need to get youth in their front 7 and they can get it from this mean, physical, hard-hitting player which Foster is most certainly capable of being.


10. Buffalo Bills

  • Malik Hooker – Free Safety, Ohio State

The Bills need defensive back help and drafting a player who has been compared to Ed Reed makes enough sense in the case of drafting a potential legend.


11. New Orleans Saints

  • Marlon Humphrey – Cornerback, Alabama

The Saints secondary is god awful and is the reason they can’t make the playoffs and if New Orleans wans Drew Brees to stay down in the bayou they need to get the former track star himself                                    Marlon Humphrey.


12. Cleveland Browns

  • Mitch Trubisky – Quarterback, North Carolina

Now that the Browns are probably going to trade this pick possibly for Jimmy Garoppolo, the Browns could still draft one at this pick.

13. Arizona Cardinals

  • Zach Cunningham – Inside Linebacker, Vanderbilt

The Cardinals need a playmaking front 7 member and Zach could do it and it could give Carson Palmer confidence to lead them to the playoffs.

14. Philadelphia Eagles

  • John Ross – Wide Receiver, Washington

The Eagles can getting threatening with the fastest player in the draft to replace Desean Jackson.


15. Indianapolis Colts

  • Leonard Fournette – Running Back, LSU

The Colts have needed a running back for years after going for backs such as Trent Richardson. Frank Gore is older than the wheel so getting a franchise back will help. He has also been compared to Adrian Peterson and has always been big. Example: when he was in 8th grade he                                           trucked a high schooler. The one and only “Honey Badger” Tyrann Mathieu.


16. Baltimore Ravens

  • Haason Reddick – Outside Linebacker, Temple

The Ravens need edge after Zach Orr announced retirement and the Ravens released Elvis Dumervil.   


17. Washington Redskins

  • Dalvin Cook – Running Back, FSU

The Redskins need a consistent runner in the back field and Dalvin Cook has speed.


18. Tennessee Titans

  • Mike Williams – Wide Receiver, Clemson

Tennessee needs to get some targets for Marcus Mariota and they nearly got into the playoffs last season and this could get them there for sure next season.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Malik McDowell – Defensive Tackle, Michigan State

The Buccaneers need defensive line help because Gerald McCoy is doing everything by himself and I thought they should have drafted one last year but no they just had to get a Cornerback.


20. Denver Broncos

  • O.J. Howard – Tight End, Alabama

What do all great quarterbacks in the NFL do? Utilize their Tight Ends. So a position in which the Broncos need will be good for Semien or Lynch and will be there best Tight End since Julius Thomas.

21. Detroit Lions

  • Taco Charlton – Defensive End, Michigan

Detroit needs edge rush and Taco Charlton can be a Defensive End or a Outside Linebacker if they needed and he already lives in Michigan.


22. Miami Dolphins

  • Forrest Lamp – Offensive Guard, Western Kentucky

Miami needs to protect Ryan Tannehill after a better performance by him this year and they got into the playoffs but lost because Ryan Tannehill was hurt because of the Offensive Line.

23. New York Giants

  • Jabrill Peppers – Free Safety, Michigan

Their defense got torn up by Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs so get the most explosive and entertaining player in college football and in the draft would improve the defense as he can also be used as a Outside Linebacker too.

24. Oakland Raiders

  • Adoree’ Jackson – Cornerback, USC

The Raiders are weak at corner and they need depth for it especially after rumors of letting go of DJ Hayden.


25. Houston Texans

  • DeShone Kizer – Quarterback, Notre Dame

The Texans got rid of Brock Osweiler after he robbed them of $72 million so now they need to draft a franchise Quarterback and DeShone Kizer can be that guy.

26. Seattle Seahawks

  • Ryan Ramczyk – Offensive Tackle, Wisconsin

Seattle needs a right tackle after seeing the display they put on this year and will help the rising star Thomas Rawls.

27. Kansas City Chiefs

  • Charles Harris – Defensive End, Mizzou

Justin Houston has problems staying healthy so getting depth would not be bad and Charles can join his former Mizzou teammates that are already on the team.

28. Dallas Cowboys

  • Teez Tabor – Cornerback, Florida

The Cowboys need secondary help after seeing the hard time they containing Aaron Rodgers’ throws in the divisional round of the playoffs. If they want to get farther in the playoffs they need to have a stable defense as displayed by the Atlanta Falcons.

29. Green Bay Packers

  • Gareon Conley – Cornerback, Ohio State

The Green Bay secondary had more injuries then the civil war so they need to add a guy who can cover the slot and Conley is probably the best at that in the draft.


30. Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Tim Williams – Outside Linebacker, Alabama

The Steelers need something to get something going at linebacker because James Harrison is not getting any younger but much older in fact and will be age 39 and more prone to injuries unless he has something that I like to call “The Tom Brady Effect”.


31. Atlanta Falcons

  • Takkarist McKinley – Outside Linebacker, UCLA

After adding Dontari Poe to the Defensive Line the Falcons could move Vic Beasley to Defensive End and put McKinley at Outside Linebacker for the ultimate pass rush defense.


32. New Orleans Saints

  • Corey Davis – Wide Receiver, Western Michigan

The Saints traded away Brandin Cooks for this pick so I would imagine they would replace him with a bigger guy like Davis.