First Annual ‘Art And Fashion Show’ Allows Students To Share Their Work

Art ranging from fashion totes and paintings, to ceramics and sculptures, were put on display


Senior Brennan Myers’ drawing was put on display on an easel for all to see at the art and fashion show put on by teachers.

Elizabeth Hamby, Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Ledger

On a regular basis art made by Ms. Middendorf’s, Ms. Biere’s and Ms. Vo’s art classes are put on display in the sliding glass display cases in the 300 hallway. Along with textile creations from Mrs. McFadden’s classes, these pieces are regularly switched out for passing students and teachers to view. 

However, on Wednesday, May 4, art from all of the classes above came together putting on the First Annual Art and Fashion Show. 

Art ranging from fashion totes to paintings, to ceramics, drawings and even sculptures, was put on display in the foyer of the 500 hallway. Students, teachers and parents were invited to come and admire fellow artists’ hard work. 

From 5-6 p.m., students and parents were walking around admiring the whole world of art that was laid out by all the teachers. 

Sophomore Kennedy LeMaster commented on seeing the show the day after with her art class. 

“I feel filled with wonder of the imagination of my fellow classmates,” Lemaster said. 

Beire especially put her heart and soul into this show, and is so proud of the outcome. She put hours of work into it including cutting and serging fabric banners to hang paintings and drawings on. These banners are hung from the hallway leading down to the foyer housing many masterpieces made by students. She also advised students to create tags for their artwork that would name the piece, introduce the artist and identify the teacher that they have for the art class. 

Mr. Creen, an engineering and aerospace teacher, also contributed to pieces in the event after helping studio art students with a technique called Lichtenburg burning involving wood and a microwave generator. This technique Creen has used multiple times, first when he created a kitchen sink, and a table with his class that serves as a table in his room. 

I feel so proud of all of our students and am really excited for our school art program,” Vo said. 

I feel so proud of all of our students and am really excited for our school art program.

— Ms. Vo, LHS art teacher

Middendorf felt such a sense of overwhelming elation she had even gone home at the end of the night and told her family, that isn’t that into art, because she was so energized about the night.  

“I worked really hard for this night and the students worked even harder. It’s so nice to finally get to relax and enjoy the pieces,” Middendorf said. 

At the end of the night, the pieces in the art show remained open and on display so that others could continue to admire the work of students. Another event that took place the night of May 4 was the WSD Local Scholarship Night, and Mrs. Gerringer invited the audience of the event to wander around the art show as well. 

The next day art teachers were encouraged to bring their classes down to the foyer and have them also admire the work. 

One of Middendorf’s students, sophomore Wyatt Bullock, visited with his drawing class and viewed the show in a different way. He looked at the art as an opportunity to find inspiration.  

“I love the play on words with the Monster cans, I want to copy a lot of these,” Bullock said.

Because of that enthusiasm from students, in the future, Mrs. Biere plans to find a way to permanently display student art around the 500 hallway, as Mrs. Gehrke and Mr. Datz loved the pizazz it added to their hallway, along with the genuine love that students had for the art viewings.