NHS Hosts First In-Person Induction Ceremony Since 2020


submitted by LHS NHS

National Honor Society hosts its first in-person ceremony since 2020.

Kyndall Stubblefield, Reporter

The National Honor Society is an active service organization for high school juniors and seniors. NHS promotes the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Mrs. Gerringer and Mr. Evans are the sponsors of this club. 

All of the students that were inducted were chosen because of their high academic performance and exceptional character. These sophomores and juniors will join NHS next school year to help with service activities in the community. 

This year’s NHS induction ceremony, held on Thursday, April 7, was extra special because none of the current members had ever been a part of an in-person ceremony. 

2020 was the first virtual ceremony due to the fact that NHS inductions are a celebratory occasion, and we want to be able to share their accomplishments with everyone to congratulate them on their successes so far,” senior Sarah Dickson said, who is  NHS Communication Liaison. “The whole NHS organization for the past two years was inducted virtually, so none of the members there had actually seen a ceremony conducted.”

Blair Wise, a junior and an NHS member, explained that she wishes that her ceremony would have been in-person. “I wish I could have gotten to experience an in-person ceremony,” she said. “It was a lot better than the virtual one.

Hopefully, all of the future inductions will be in-person so the inductees get to experience a classic ceremony. 

The new additions to Liberty’s NHS are: 

Francesca Aquino, Carter Ashby, Campbell Bahr, Alivia Bartlow, Aicha Beye, Emily Bolingbroke, Grace Burke, Isabella Casas, Madeline Claravall, Ellen Crangle, Grace Edney, Kara Gagliano, Isabella Gambaro, Megan Geisler, Emily Gniatkowski, Jenna Handlan, Evan Hargrove, Makayla Holland, Amelia Huebbe, Samantha Irlmeier, Kylie Johnson, Leah Kaler, Imane Larhdiri, Katelynn Larson, Mason Leone, Santosh Manikandan, Lauren McCain, Gabrielle Medina Pillion, Sophia Metheney, Abigail Meyer, Madelyn Mileszko, Janet Musangali, Lillian Nelson, Carson Nolan, Conner Place, Alexa Popp, Paige Quinn, Deo Reji, Sara Reth, Grace Richardson, Kiersyn Roberson, Ryan Schmerold, Kaylin Schwandner, Heidi Stenger, Anna Strother, Kaitlin Stumpf, Emma Thomas, Laney Torbit, Anumitha Vaka, Jessica Wagner, Hagen Walch, Ethan Weiler, Reese Westhoff, Landon Woodson, and Mason Wunderlich. 

Congratulations to everyone who was selected.