The Sun Sets on Seniors’ High School Career

The class of ‘22 celebrates the end of the year at the annual senior sunset

Seniors spend their time playing yard games on the football field.

Mollie Banstetter, Layout Editor of The Ledger

Seniors drift onto the football field, as music fills the air. At the gate of the track, students get to pick up their crown and lei. Blankets cover the turf as people sit down to talk and enjoy the treats from the concession stand or the kona ice truck. Other students spend their time playing yard games, throwing bean bags and footballs. 

Senior Adrienne Rockette looks around her, taking everything in. “It’s kind of bittersweet, I’m gonna miss people but I’m glad to be moving on.”

This event marks one of the last times for the senior class to come together, and make memories with each other. 

Senior Tye Yeh reminisced on his final year at Liberty. “There have been a lot of firsts, a lot of new things and a lot of fun memories were had,” Yeh said. 

Senior Anika Roos added onto Yeh’s sentiment, saying, “This is a great way to close out senior year.”

Rays of yellow and orange could be seen behind the dark clouds, due to the unforeseen severity of the weather. Senior class officer Sruthi Ramesh was unsure how the night would unfold.

“We knew there was gonna be rain, we talked all day about the weather. The athletic director decided the event would still take place outside, and minutes later tornado sirens went off,” Ramesh said.“It was kind of the perfect metaphor for our senior year, because even though we had crazy weather and a literal tornado we still got to see the sunset at the end of the night and it was beautiful.”