Pointfest 2022 Postponed, Awaiting Rescheduled Date

Annual St. Louis music festival postponed due to severe thunderstorms


via @1057thepoint on Twitter

Concert-goers expected to see national and local rock bands perform live at Pointfest, but the weather had different plans.

Alternative music fans lined the streets nearby Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on Saturday, May 21, anxiously waiting to see their favorite bands perform live at Pointfest – an annual music festival hosted by local radio station 105.7 “The Point”

When the time came for gates to be opened, attendees were seen turning around in their vehicles and yelling “canceled!” to other fans waiting to be let in. Minutes later, the official announcement was made that the festival had been postponed. 

The weather forecast had foreseen severe thunderstorms in the week leading up to Pointfest, while fans had suggested the possibility of the festival being canceled.

The Point released the anticipated schedule for the line-up on the day before the festival, adding that Pointfest is a “rain or shine event” to ease fans that the show was still scheduled amidst the predicted severe weather. 

On the morning of Pointfest, The Point announced that the festival would simply be delayed by a few hours due to the severe weather conditions. Around this time, it was discovered that some bands had been dropped from the line-up while others were moved to the main stage. 

Around 2 p.m., The Point assured attendees that the event was still planned to happen with doors opening at 4 p.m. instead of noon as originally scheduled. 

Sadly, just minutes before 4 p.m., amidst hundreds of concert-goers waiting in line, The Point released a statement announcing the event had been moved to a later date yet to be determined.

Well y’all, as Andre 3000 said, you can plan a pretty picnic but you cannot predict the weather.

— @jellyroll615 on Twitter

“We are incredibly disappointed to announce that Pointfest is postponed. The weather forecast continues to call for potential severe storms and lightning in the area of the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre throughout the evening,” The Point posted in an update. “We will provide more details as soon as they become available. Also… This sucks!!!”

The scheduled festival headliners were Papa Roach, followed by Highly Suspect and Halestorm. Among the would-be first-time Pointfest performers were Mammoth WVH and Jelly Roll. The line-up also featured a plethora of local bands. 

“Well y’all, as Andre 3000 said, ‘you can plan a pretty picnic but you cannot predict the weather’,” performer Jelly Roll wrote on Twitter after the news broke. “Sorry St. Louis, they pulled the plug on the show 20 minutes before doors open.” 

Attendees were understandably frustrated with the news while keeping in mind that the venue had no control over the weather. Among these upset concert-goers was first-time Pointfest attendee Rylee Dreisewerd, who was most excited to see Highly Suspect and Papa Roach perform. 

“The Point and the venue handled the situation to the best of their ability. Although, I think it should have been moved to a different day as soon as they found out about the weather. I know a lot of people, including myself, have traveled from a distance and booked hotels already.” Dreisewerd expressed. “The Point knows people travel for their concerts as they have hosted Pointfest for many years. I also believe that they shouldn’t have posted ‘rain or shine’ because it can be misleading to the concert-goers.”

Junior Charley Orf was also eager to attend her first Pointfest. Learning that the event had been canceled, she found another way to spend her day. 

“I was really excited to go, but I ended up going to my grandma’s house right down the road and played some pool and listened to classic rock,” Orf shared. 

While attendees left the amphitheater without seeing their favorite bands, The Point assured us that Pointfest 2022 is in the works to be rescheduled. 

“We tried everything we could to make Pointfest happen, but the weather just won’t let up.” The Point wrote on their website. “We’ll keep you all posted as soon as we know details on a possible reschedule, so hang on to your tickets.”