Liberty Drama Club Announces Musical

Liberty High School will be presenting ‘Bright Star’ in the spring of 2023

Bright Star will be performed in the Liberty Performing Arts Center from March 9-11.


“Bright Star” will be performed in the Liberty Performing Arts Center from March 9-11.

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

As school comes to a close, everyone in the theater always gets antsy for the incoming theater season. Since the musical is always the bigger show stopper, everyone anxiously bites their nails to hear what it is.

Theater director and teacher, Melissa Gehrke, announced the fall play during the final night of senior directed one-acts, which she hyped up the week before doing a bracket to see if the school could guess what she had picked, which was “Charlotte’s Webb.”

Drama club held a meeting on May 20 and it was announced the musical for the season is no other than “Bright Star.” Don’t worry, a lot of people in the drama club also had never heard of it.

“Bright Star” is a fairly new musical, being first performed on Broadway in 2016. It was written by Steve Martin (who knew right?) and Edie Brickell. Staying true to Martins’s background, the music in the show is “bluegrass” as Gehrke had described it.

Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, it follows the story of Alice Murphy, jumping back between the present, 1945-1946, and 1923-1924. Alice, in 1923, falls in love with the town’s heartthrob and mayor’s son, Jimmy Ray. Once they fall in love, she becomes pregnant and must navigate the trials of being young and unmarried. Through unforeseen circumstances, 22 years later, Alice is alone working as the boss at the Asheville southern journal with her two employees, Lucy and Mr. Ames. Meeting a young man, Billy Crane, coming home from WWII and wanting to submit his writings to the southern journal, ‘Bright Star’ is a wonderful story about love, loss, fate, and determination.

Liberty High School will be displaying this beautiful show from March 9-11, you are not gonna want to miss out.