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  • May 13 / Varsity BaseballLiberty High School - 12, Howell North - 2
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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Liberty Legends Award Takes Its Debut

This new award recognizes students who represent kindness and support
Anna Simms
Senior Cohen Waldren hugs Robyn Taylor after receiving the Liberty Legends Award

Throughout school there are many students who embody kindness and help with others. This has led to the creation of the Liberty Legends award.

This is a new award this year that honors students who represent the school with positive attributes.

“These students through their empathy, helpfulness, and kindness create a more welcoming and more supportive environment,” assistant principal Stanton Schumacher said.

Students received a letter about a week before the inaugural Liberty Legends award ceremony stating that they had been nominated for the award. 

Mr. Schumacher puts a medal around Marissa Varga’s neck during the ceremony (Anna Simms)

The students didn’t know the teacher nominated them and they would find out on the stage on the day of the ceremony, which took place during the late start on April 15 in the auditorium.

Once the students were called on the stage, the teacher nominated them with their certificate and a medal. 

The students also later found out why they were nominated by reading the program and the what the teacher wrote about them.

There were 65 students who received this award for 2024, nominated by various teachers, support staff, and administrators.

“Thank you to the teachers for developing a diverse form of brilliance, thank you to the parents for being a key role in shaping these students, thank you to the students, you embody the true meaning of being a legend,” Schumacher said told the audience. 

Below are the students who received this award and what teacher nominated them.

Liberty Legends

Brayden Adams- Mandy Franke

Colt Archer- John Purvis

Lucy Bowen- Lauren Jacks

J.P. Burton- Alex Schaper

Ashley Cain- Dan Evans

Rachel Church- Missy Gehrke

Vitor Da Silva- Jacob Cole

Briasa Davis- Michelle Huesgen

Grace Edney- Daniel Wheeler

Andrea Finklang- Katie Rosner

Anne Fukushima- Carter Datz

Micaela Garcia- Jennifer Strathman

Christopher Gibson- Tina Ebert

Mason Giles- Macklin Parks

Jack Gnadt- Molly Klieber

Evan Hargrove- Evan Hargrove

Liz Hayes- Jonathan Hall

Tessa Hudson- Alicia Sheffield

Noah Janson- Dave Range

Mykhi Joyner- Denys Joliff

Kaden Kargacin- Ellie Dupske

Aiden King- Scot Purcell

Noah Kuehner-Lindsay Kiely

Maddy Kuhn- Heidi Kleekamp

Lucy Lant- Chad Cunningham

Imane Larhdiri- Morgan Muench

Katelynn Larson- Sandy Pizzo

Joshua Lovis- Meaghan Sachs

Matthew Manocchio- Matt Kiesel

Alaija Mojica- Kirsten Huncberger

Morgan Moomey- Katelyn Tock

Jas Morris- Becky Jennings

Drew Morrison- Jeremy Tutterrow

Caitlin O'mara- Abbie Bollwerk

Emory Pais- Savannah Kruse

Anthony Rey- Matthew Eversole

Kaileb Rhen- Matthew Barker

Serenity Rhodes- Bradley Smith

Dalton Rice- Taylor Whitmore

Londyn Riley- Chris Hysong

Kaitryn Roberson- Katie Biere

Gavin Sauer- Jennifer Bryan

Caroline Sauter- Meredith Steinbruegge

Olivia Schmersahl- Joseph Walterbach

Jordan Schwent- Lindsey Shafer

Drew Smith- Cary Eldredge

Riley Soffner-Tilley- Stanton Schumacher

Sophia Spakowski- Martha Langston

DeMarco Starwood- Chip Sodemann

Aiden Summers- Kevin Haynes

Emma Thomas- Sheena Beierman

Sicily Trost- Steven D'Antonio

Loukya Vaka- Sarah Feddersen

Marissa Varga- Anita Alcorn

Connor Velleca- Sara Schomburg

Ashley Vieluf- Deborah Braile

Austyn Van Buren- Brooke Braswell

Cohen Waldren- Robyn Taylor

Aiyana Walker- Angela Greminger

Clara Walker- Brett Hendricks

Kyleigh Wethington- Stephanie Seidel

John Whalley- Michael Kaiser

Sarah Williams- Toby Glavin

Brody Woodard- Steve Pryor

Aniyah Wooten- Paige Blackford

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