Class of 2022 Says a Final Goodbye

Alix Queen, Reporter

The Class of 2022 said goodbye to high school and hello to the world during their graduation at the Family Arena on June 4.

During this ceremony, teachers, students, and family alike were brought together to celebrate this splendid achieve and to congratulate the last chapter of the seniors’ high school career.

“No matter what, all of us here are connected and our lives are somewhat intertwined,” said Sruthi Ramesh (12), the selected senior to deliver the student speech at graduation. Ramesh included in the speech important moments that the seniors went through during their high school years, such as the blood drive collecting the most units of blood in school history and the varsity football team defeating both Holt and Timberland.

Dr. Nelson, head principal, stated “Class of 2022, you have been inspiring. Your generosity and selflessness to helping others is second to none. You will undoubtedly make an impact on our world.”

Students in the graduating class will be missed by many, but will make their mark on the world.