Their Last-First Game

Liberty seniors are recognized for their four years of hard work as they head into the first game of their senior year


Sophie Hegyi

The varsity football team celebrates along the sidelines after watching an amazing play.

Megan Geisler, Reporter

Senior night is the night every young athlete looks forward to in their high school career. The lights, the crowd, the adrenaline it’s all there but before the game starts each athlete is given the opportunity to be individually recognized for their accomplishments. For this year’s seniors that means walking the track alongside friends and family. 

Serena Bartels (third from right) and members of the dance team perform at halftime. Bartels is one of the team’s senior members. (Sophie Hegyi )

On Friday, Aug. 26, students from all over Liberty gathered together to celebrate the first football game of the year against their rivals, Timberland High School. To make the night even more special, seniors from all three organizations, including cheer, dance, and football, were recognized for completing all four years of their chosen sport. 

“I love senior night. It makes me feel so special. I just love being with my team, because they are like a family,” senior dancer Serena Bartels said. 

Before the game started we asked senior Justin Little how he felt going into his last first game as a student at Liberty High School.

“It was surreal. I have never felt that way before a game before. I wasn’t really nervous, mostly just excited,” Little said. With this the Liberty Eagles took the field.

The first quarter didn’t start off that great for the eagles as Timberland scored two touchdowns just minutes apart – one by AJ Raines and another by August Tank Billings. This totalled up to 14 points for the Wolves. Then just 30 seconds into the second quarter the Wolves scored again bringing their total score up to 21 points. 

Senior Matt Craig takes a moment to huddle with his teammates after the completion of a play (Monica Reyes)

It’s then that the Eagles start bringing the heat with a beautiful touchdown pass from Noah Kuehner to Marquise Williams just minutes later. 

The game continued on like this with back-and-forth touchdowns and amazing defense but in the end the Liberty Eagles were defeated with a score of 58-14.  

“I mean it wasn’t a very good game. I wish we would have done better but some days we just have to go back to the drawing board and make some adjustments,” senior football player TJ File commented.