Liberty Volleyball Strikes Again

Varsity girls volleyball is off to a strong start with an undefeated season


Ella Pinz

The varsity girls volleyball break during a match against rival Timberland earlier this season.

Rynell Ipema, Reporter

Varsity girls volleyball is undefeated so far this season. With a 9-0 record, they are determined to go all the way.

As the volleyball season continues, the girls will carry on with practicing and working together as a team to lead each game to another victory. In order to win each match, the girls have to continue on with their spirit, competitiveness, and keep the hype up on game day. Riley Watson, a senior, says that some traits she has on the court are good energy and encouragement.

“I am generally one of the loudest players on the court and it reminds people to keep their energy up,” Watson said. “I encourage my teammates when they do something well, which helps them know that they’re doing a good job.” Watson is the leader on the team in aces and assists. 

Riley Watson serves during a match. (Ella Pinz)

With 13 games to go, they have won against FZW, FZS, FZE, Troy Buchanan, Timberland, Washington, and Holt. In order to defeat each team, the seniors have to keep it up, so the others can follow in their footsteps.

Junior Reese Douglas mentions that the seniors are trustworthy and have lots of experience in the game.  

“The good thing about our team is that we have strong connections between each position and we have good communication throughout the game,” Douglas said. As they get prepared for districts, Douglas mentions she is excited for the game against St. Dominic, who is one of their main rivals. 

Obviously, the varsity volleyball team does not mess around with the game. Although volleyball is a very competitive and intense sport, Liberty always comes around to make it a fun and enjoyable match, that they know they will win.