Fall Guard Scores First Place

Co-captain Tessa Wilson and captain Natalie Hoffman hold the first place trophy.

Lorelei Wise

Co-captain Tessa Wilson and captain Natalie Hoffman hold the first place trophy.

Zoe Snell, Reporter

Before the first band competition of the season, the entire color guard team was extremely stressed out.

In Natalie Hoffman’s words, “absolutely so stressed.” It was the first competition of the season and the team wanted to make it the best they could. Tessa Wilson said her best way of maintaining the stress was “happy thoughts.”

The happy thoughts led them to victory. On Saturday, Sept. 10 at Seckman High School, Liberty’s band regiment fall guard won first place overall: first in their division, first in their class, and first overall out of seven guards. Captain Hoffman and co-captain Wilson could not be prouder of their team.

Hoffman worked so hard to prepare her team. She went over the choreography every time she could, and kept the team positive. She wanted her team to feel confident in their performances, and do the best that they could. To get her team ready for next time she plans to do the same things, and clean up the choreography.

When the time finally came to reveal the results, the guard waited eagerly listening for hear their name. When the announcements declared “Wentzville Liberty High School,” the entire team jumps up screaming with excitement and happiness. The whole team felt relief knowing their hard work had paid off.

“I knew it was going to happen, I was waiting for them to say our name,” Hoffman said, who could not be happier with her team. “I think it was a really good competition to start the season. I wouldn’t want any other show to be my first last.”