Earth Club Takes Action to Stop Climate Change

Students petition for Governor Mike Parson to declare a climate emergency

(from left to right) Molly Mueller, Margot Revelle, Reese Bedford, Clara Walker, Leah Dudley, and Brandt Cleppe at the front entrance of LHS.

Meghan Lynch, Reporter

On Friday, Sept. 23, Earth Club was trying to make a difference. Early in the morning, before school started, Earth Club was outside at the front entrance petitioning for Governor Mike Parson to declare a climate emergency. Members were seen holding up colorful signs with messages like “Mike Parson Must Declare a Climate Emergency” and “Make A Change.” Two members, Leah Dudley and Clara Walker, were handing out fliers with QR codes as a way to access an online version of the petition. 

People had mixed feelings about the petition and what Earth Club was doing. Some people were uncomfortable, while some were excited and signed the petition immediately. Others had no feelings about it at all. But, no matter what people thought about the change they were making, Earth Club knew they had to do what they felt was right. According to Dudley, “It’s a way to contribute to a larger change.”

The petition got over 150 signatures and counting. Mrs. Pizzo, the club’s sponsor, says that she’s very proud of all her students for getting involved.

“They see a different side of school,” Pizzo says. Younger generations have a different perspective than those in power and solve problems in new ways. Kids are the ones who are in charge of the future, and Earth Club represents that perfectly.