Mrs. Magno: The Teacher of the Month

Sarita Magno has had a passion for band since she started in the fifth grade


Alix Queen

Mrs. Magno has been the only LHS band teacher since the school first opened its doors in 2013.

Emerson Stubblefield, Reporter

Sarita Magno was one of the original teachers here when LHS first opened its doors back in 2013.

Magno, who instructs all of the band classes, says that she has been teaching since 2005 and loves it.

“I couldn’t imagine teaching anything else,” Magno said.

Magno was recently announced as Liberty’s teacher of the month. She says that she loves teaching band and loves music and really likes to share with her students the love she has for band and not just band but music as well.

Magno states that she has always been in band.

“I started in band when I was a fifth grader and played throughout middle school, high school, college, and graduate school,” she said. “Our students are awesome and I truly do love them all. I’m lucky to get to work with such awesome kids.” 

Magno says she spends “a lot” of time in band and probably more than what kids realize. But she says it is worth it to see her students grow and succeed.

Magno says that she doesn’t get to play her own instrument but she gets to learn and grow with her own students.

She says that she teaches band and not any other subject because she loves music and loves to share that with her students. She loves to watch her students grow and succeed not only as musicians but as people when they graduate and get older. 

“I never expect any kind of recognition for things, and so it really means a lot to have been nominated and considered and to know that people understand and appreciate what we’re doing and how much we care,” Magno said.

When Magno was asked about how she felt receiving this award, she said, “Honored and happy. It made my whole month.”