Kleiber Killin’ It

P.E. teacher takes on the role as Lady Gaga and performs ‘Poker Face’ at pep assembly


Sydney Davis

Fake money falls around Ms. Kleiber at the end of her performance to Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face.”

Anna Simms and Xander Tracy

Grayce Page, Reporter

Every year Liberty holds a Homecoming pep assembly to get students excited for homecoming. To go along with that, there is a spirit week that follows the theme for Homecoming, this year being Casino night.

In honor of Cansino night, our own Liberty staff performed and helped contribute to the assembly. There was a coach vs. player family feud game, along with a lip sync battle between all of the teachers, more specifically our own Coach Kleiber. Kleiber performed her own lip sync battle against Ms. Pizzo, Ms. Dupske and Ms. Kruse, and Mrs. T.O.

Kleiber performed to the Lady Gaga song “Poker Face.” She prepared long and hard for this dance. She even went out of her way to create her own Poker Face aesthetic, as she dressed in all black, with feathers on her shoulders. She went on about how she wanted to be a part of this event because Alexis Shuster was in need of teachers to help fill the lip sync battle agenda.

“[Shuster] is a great kid and I felt compelled to help her out and make sure that the lip synch spots were filled,” Kleiber said.  She practiced in and out of the weight room to make sure her dance moves were on point… and they very much were.

“Give them a good laugh, give them a show,” Kleiber said.

Anyone who has had Kilber as a teacher, or whoever just passes her, can tell that she is very dedicated to her job and dedicated to making Liberty a home and fun place for everyone. She decided to be a part of this event to help give students something to look forward to, and to get students spirits high for Homecoming. She thinks that being involved is one of the important things in high school, whether that be participating in sports, publications, drama club, or even just dressing up for spirit days. She wants students to feel comfortable and get excited when spirit week is near.

All in all, Kleiber really made sure to do her part in making the Homecoming Assembly fun for everyone. She added “It’s okay to put yourself out there and have fun and enjoy these high school years and enjoy spirit days and to love going to pep assemblies and being apart of it and create that fun climate and atmosphere that high school should be about.”

Although Mrs. Strathman won the competition, Kleiber still had a good time preparing and performing. She hopes that this gives students something fun to look back on, and that it gives students motivation to move forwards and to keep having fun while it lasts.