Liberty Gets Into The Scary Spirit

Eagles embrace the upcoming Halloween with many celebrations and community events together


Bryleigh Conley

Students gather near one of the many autumn- themed doors. Madame Farrelly’s door was Starbucks themed.

Cade Goins, Reporter

The upcoming spooky season is approaching quickly, and many people in and around Liberty are getting into the spirit with community gatherings and costume parties along with much more. Many frightful sights have already been making an appearance in the area with pumpkin fests or haunted houses being advertised, as well as fall or Halloween festivals going on through the weekends.

One of the wonderful events happening from Liberty’s students themselves is the Key Club’s Trunk or Treat event taking place on Saturday Oct. 29 from 6 to 8 p.m. collaborating with all clubs, and other activities are invited as well to help out. All the clubs will have a spot where they will decorate their “trunk” as they’d like and have candy available where participants will come by to get their “treat.” This is a great opportunity for people to have a gathering place of local people providing candy to anyone who comes and for clubs and activities to promote themselves. The event is free but a $10 donation is asked for, as all proceeds from the event will go to UNICEF, who is currently funding the Zambia Project looking to educate children in need. Fiona Do, the main organizer behind the event, describes the trunk or treat as “a fun service project that opens up the community every year.”

Many other clubs are also engaging in fun activities such as GSA Club. They are hosting a Halloween party during the second meet of the month, serving cookies and candy to its members while watching Charlie Brown and socializing, making for a very great and friendly environment as well as one of the executives dressed in an extraordinary black outfit that brought a sense of awe to many. 

Teachers are joining in on the occasion as well with many putting up room decorations as simple as a tablecloth or decorating their door with an assortment of rubber decals or some even doing a full door cover with 3D pop outs. Teachers are also competing in a door decoration contest.

Overall, Halloween is on the way and inviting many festivities and lifted spirits with fall break giving students a chance to relax for nearly a full week and indulge in the holiday, many attending local events and encouraging others to do the same as it will only strengthen the community and bond.