Planning the Senior Class Picture of 2023

The class of 2023 took senior pictures at the football field October 13th

Yudi Barcenas


Submitted by Jonathan Hall

Alix Queen and Sophie Hegyi get ready for the Class of 2023 senior group picture.

Emerson Stubblefield, Reporter

It was a very busy day at Liberty on Oct. 13. Before the pep rally, the yearbook club and the class of 2023 took their senior group photo on the football field. 

Rhett Cunningham, the editor-in-chief of the Talon yearbook, was one the seniors who was in charge of the photo shoot. 

The preparation for this was planning to get out there during fourth hour. The yearbook staff specifically helped with this photo shoot because it goes in the yearbook,” Cunningham said.

It was very windy and cool outside and it took some time to get these pictures perfect. But with the help of yearbook staff members Liz Hayes, Rylee Shipes, Brooke Ohearn, Kaylin Schwandner, Sophie Hegyi, Lilly Fister, Cara Turner and Alix Queen, it went very well. 

“It was my first time doing it, so I was really excited,” Hayes said. “I was glad I was working with people I already knew, I’m friends with those people and working with people that already did it, I did feel very safe and I knew that they were going to handle it.” 

The class of 2023 senior picture was taken by Trotter photographer Thomas Warwick who stood at the top of the pressbox. There were a few challenges through the wind and the cold, but the group got through it pretty quickly. 

“We kept it happy and kept it lively while we had to struggle to put people together,” Hayes says with a smile on her face. 

One senior who participated in the Class of 2023 senior pictures was Grayce Page. 

“It means a lot to be included in this picture since I’ve seen it in past yearbooks and now I’m finally a part of it,” Page said. “It was very cold, and my class cannot listen to instructions even as seniors. But, overall, it was a fun and memorable experience.”