Liberty Be Kind Week Comes Again

A week filled of caring and compassionate acts invites students to fill their week up with positivity


Sydney Davis

Students sport their Be Kind shirts received through the week gather to take one large picture full of kindness. Each teacher gave out one t-shirt to a deserving student.

Cade Goins, Reporter

Be Kind Week is a celebration of showing just common kindness to those close as well as those we may not often even think about.

Custodial staff, secretaries, and more all get shown love too during this week to help remind all that they are a vital part of the school’s functioning, and to leave an impression on the participants that this kindness goes beyond just the week and can be taken into account to affect how people act in their day to day lives.

Liberty holds Be Kind Week every year, often bringing specialized spirit days to accompany it. This year Nov. 14 marked the start with a spirit week to go along with it in hand. The spirit week consisted of the classic pajama day and sportswear day, but also added days that invited students and staff to wear neon colors, fall colors, and red white and blue.

Teachers have also been giving Be Kind shirts to students they feel have been great examples of kindness through their classrooms consistently, an act of kindness in itself to grant the students the honor.

Many activities also occur throughout the week. Tuesday hosted a pickleball tournament which gave 32 students the opportunity to compete for a gift card prize and the chance to play against Dr. Nelson as well. Wednesday held a Kahoot during Soar Time that consisted of sports trivia where the winner was rewarded with a giftcard to QuikTrip. Thursday sponsored the Be Kind painting class where students can express themselves with art and make an overall positive experience for themselves and peers.

It is with great hope that Be Kind Week continues to be a lasting tradition at Liberty, giving all students a bright impact on themselves and their surroundings. Celebrations like these are important to the character of the students and building better people to live in tomorrow’s world and being able to share this kindness beyond just one week.