Twisted Sugar: Local Sweets Shop Has Grand Opening

A new sweets shop just opened right down the street

Zoe Snell


Bryleigh Conley

Twisted Sugar offers more than 20 flavors of cookies, and a few new monthly cookies available for a limited time.

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

Craving to try something new and sweet? Maybe a cookie or a soda? Well you’re just in luck, right down the road in Dardenne Prairie at the intersection of Bryan and South Outer, a new mixed sodas and cookie shop called Twisted Sugar just had their grand opening last Saturday, Nov. 19. This will be their first location in the state of Missouri.

In reference to opening day, employee Marlie Hoyt stated, “We didn’t expect to have that big of a turnout, so it was really exciting.” 

Open on Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m, Friday and Saturday: 9 a.m.-10 p.m, and closed on Sundays, Twisted Sugar offers over twenty flavors of cookies, and a few new monthly cookies available for a limited time. They also have many unique soda variations, twisters, energy drinks and a few other extras. You can even create your own soda if you would like. But it doesn’t stop there; Twisted Sugar also has a gluten-free option that comes with any of their frosting flavors.

On Nov. 21, Twisted Sugar had a successful second day of business. (Bryleigh Conley)

Not only is Twisted Sugar known for their kind staff, but the business is also family-run. Originally living in Utah, Cameron Hoyt decided to move to Missouri and help start the business with his brother Shane Hoyt. Now, both brothers run the shop, along with help from the family, including Shane’s daughter Marlie. This all led to a very successful first day in business.

“Opening day was super busy, we actually sold out of a number of things,” Hoyt said. All day people were in and out of the shop ordering their new favorites. A few things even sold out. Gone quickly on both the first and second day of business were their twisters, an ice cream based drink. But that wasn’t all, their banana cream pie cookies, and chocolate chip cookies quickly followed.

Senior Chloe Stenger was one of the customers who stopped by to try out the cookies on opening day. 

“The wait wasn’t that bad, they were pretty quick to get to the orders,” Stenger said. She included that they were also handing out a few samples to the customers. A few of her personal favorites were the PB nutella cookie, because it was just the right amount of sweetness and not too much. She also likes their drink colada twist, and claims to have drunk it “in at least three minutes.”

Some other staff and customer favorites were the cookies and cream cookies, coconut frosting cookies, and their signature mixed sodas. These sodas are based on what sodas you like best, and are used as the base, including sodas like Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Mt. Dew and more. They even have drinks for the nearby schools called “High School Sips.”

Junior Megan Geisler spends her Monday afternoon working at Twisted Sugar. (Bryleigh Conley)

“The Eagle,” a drink representing Liberty High School, is a sprite mixed with flavors of tiger’s blood and coconut cream. Besides high school drinks, they are also trying to collect football helmets from each school and put them up displays.

Keeping in touch:

Twisted Sugar has their very own app where you can place a mobile order, for either dining in or choosing to dine out, which can also be placed on their website. Here you can find their menu, their locations, and some more contact information. If that’s not enough, you can even stay updated with their Instagram run by Marlie Hoyt.


Inspired by the success of “Swig” in St. George, Utah – a dirty sodas and sweets company – Mike and Tonia Jardine, the original founders of Twisted Sugar, decided to create their own sweets outlet. In 2016, the first Twisted Sugar was opened in Layton, Utah. Currently, locations can be found in a select number of states, with over 40+ locations, including about 15 in Utah, and the business is still planning for expansion.