Class of 2030 Graduates from D.A.R.E Program

Future Liberty students graduate their D.A.R.E classes and pledge to be drug free


Kylie Brennan

2030 D.A.R.E graduates sing “I Will DARE” at the beginning of the ceremony.

Kylie Brennan, Reporter

Crossroads Elementary fifth graders gathered together at the Liberty auditorium to graduate from their D.A.R.E classes on Thursday, Dec. 1. These students worked hard and learned valuable life lessons, wrote their essays and selected students from each class to read these out to their fifth grade classmates. 

As usual, the graduation started out with the famously known song, “I Will D.A.R.E.” The students stood up and faced their parents as they sang. 

Oliver Johnston, Jackson Ensell, Kendall Hickey, and Zachery Stoyanov were chosen out of their classmates to read their essays. 

Kendall Hickey was selected from the four of these students to go on and read her essay to the O’Fallon board members on television. After winning, Hickey said she felt grateful to win. She expressed, “I’m proud of myself and I love it.” Each of the four students then received a medal and returned to their classmates. 

The teachers and D.A.R.E officers gave their speeches, and had the classes go in order for each student to receive their graduation diploma. When the graduation ceremony concluded, the Crossroads fifth graders cheered and ran around with their friends and siblings to celebrate their accomplishment. These students, who pledged that day, will eventually become Liberty students as the Class of 2030.