Pressure of School Can Have an Impact on Students’ Mental Health

School heavily affects students’ mental health despite its extreme importance

Students often find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to school.

Bryden Bell

Students often find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to school.

Mattie Watson, Reporter

Is school bad for students’ mental health? Personally, I feel as if it can be.

According to, school itself doesn’t affect the students mental health. It’s school-related factors such as bullying, performance in the sport the student attends, and the stress school work causes, etc. With all of these reasons listed, I agree. The upcoming tests and having tons of school work can cause me anxiety. Receiving a low grade on a test or quiz that I studied hard for lowers my self esteem. Hearing other students say their perfect scores around me makes me not feel worth it and loses my interest to try harder for that class in the future.

When I was younger, I don’t remember experiencing anxiety about school. As I got older, I realized the importance of school. I started to put more pressure on myself to maintain good grades and try to keep a good impression for my teachers and other students around me. That is a great example about when school causes stress it can affect the students performance in a class, such as affecting their grades, attitude towards other students and teachers around them, and causing the student to participate less in the class.

Even though school can affect students’ mental health, there are some coping mechanisms such as planning times to take breaks and distress, or asking a teacher for help if they have a question about an assignment or class. This doesn’t take away the effect of being bullied or worrying about a sport. Overall, I feel as if schools should be more aware of the impact they can cause on a student’s mental health.