Is Social Media Becoming More Important than Face-to-Face Communication Among Teens?

Is social media changing the way we verbally communicate?

Are you talking and engaging in conversations when hanging out with friends?

New Atlas

Are you talking and engaging in conversations when hanging out with friends?

Kaniya Rheaves, Reporter

Do you ever feel like everybody is sometimes on their phone too much? Do you think the rise of social media is causing the decrease in face-to-face interaction? Some people like communicating in-person more because they feel more of the conversation when it’s face-to-face. Some like communicating through a phone more stating that it’s convenient and more enjoyable because you can send GIFS, emojis, etc.

Senior Ja’Nya Mckinney was asked how she feels about this impact, and she agrees that social media has become more important and changed how we communicate face-to-face.

According to, teens do see the cons for having devices out when hanging out – 44% get frustrated with their friends when hanging out and on their phones, and 54% say they get distracted by their phones and social media when they should be interacting more with the people that they’re with.

Sometimes being on your phone and interacting with people through social media can be a pro though. There are people who are shy and aren’t willing to interact out loud so they communicate through a phone because that’s what works better for them. Apps like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, etc. have made a big impact in the social media world. Yes, the majority of people have all these apps, but it seems to affect the younger generations more.