‘The Last Of Us’: Setting New Expectations for Adaptations

New HBO Original based off the game series ‘The Last Of Us’ takes off with overwhelming praise, finally giving gaming fans an adaptation that feels proper to the source material


HBO Promotional Team

Promotional image for ‘The Last Of Us’ show featuring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.

Cade Goins, Reporter

A world broken and shattered with disaster, the repurposed corpses of what used to once be people, now seeking uninfected hosts to spread their fungal network. From Naughty Dog and Playstation Pictures comes “The Last Of Us” series, now streaming on HBO. Originating as a video game in 2013, “The Last Of Us” quickly gained a large following of fans because of its rich story and immersive gameplay that had people on the edge of their seats in tension. With the work of the production teams and great cast, the game now comes to the screen for people to enjoy and watch at home.

“The Last Of Us” was first teased on Sept. 26, 2021 on “The Last Of Us Day” when HBO released images of Pedro Pascal in costume, which quickly built up hype in the fans. Through the following year, more teases were gradually revealed with the first actual trailer appearing on the next Last Of Us Day in 2022. After over a year of waiting, the fans finally received their series on Jan. 15, 2023.

The show follows a veteran named Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, as he survives the initial outbreak of a wide fungal infection that can take control of the hosts’ minds and what has become of the world 20 years since then. Joel hasn’t heard from his brother for several weeks and devises a plan to travel and see him, but in executing the start of his plan, encounters a young girl named Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey.

Viewers get to watch the characters move through the apocalyptic world and face situations that truly let the audience feel the tension to such a degree that it keeps them on the edge of their seats. The costuming, makeup, effects, and set design of the show are some of the best appraised in recent years of shows, giving stunning sights and immersive scenery that truly helps the worldbuilding of the show help build its setting.

With four episodes released already, fans have been praising and happily discussing the over three and a half hours worth of screen time so far from the intense conflict scenes to the tear-jerking story that comes from interactions between some of the characters. Even more love comes from the fans at seeing some of their favorite characters come to life on the screen, exploring the story of some that weren’t quite dived in depth as in the game, and giving the characters more of a feel and story, setting a precedent that many previous game adaptations weren’t able to achieve.