Embracing Self Love for Valentine’s Day

Celebrating self love for Valentine’s Day is very important for teens


Brooke Lawson

Galentine’s Day is on Feb. 13, the day before the most romantic day of the year.

Brooke Lawson, Reporter

When you think of the month of February, you think of Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day, also known as the romantic holiday, comes with challenges that most people (especially high schoolers) face with the pressure of not being in a relationship during this time.

Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated with the ones you love or your significant other unless you don’t have one. Most teens today are ignoring the fact they don’t have a date and focusing the day on themselves.

Brooke Phillips is a sophomore who believes it’s okay to not have a date for Valentine’s Day.

“This holiday doesn’t have to be about relationships, it can be about yourself and have a relaxing day treating yourself,” Phillips said. Brooke is spending Valentine’s Day with herself and treating herself because she feels she doesn’t need anyone else to do it for her.

Morgan Murphy is a freshman who believes the same thing. She believes all she needs is herself for Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t need a guy on Valentine’s Day – all I need is me,” Murphy said.

Murphy believes that Valentine’s Day is for relationships but she would rather spend the day with herself.

Both of these girls are celebrating “galentine’s day” instead of sitting at home thinking about how they arent in a relationship in time for Valentine’s Day. They both don’t need a date and the pressure to find a date for this holiday when they can show self love and be there for themselves.