Art Students Compete for Scholarships by Designing Fire Hydrants

Seniors compete for a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by the Wentzville Public Works Department

Tyson Mills, Joey Brooks, and Parker Sethaler


Josh Deters

Student-designed fire hydrant projects in the 300 hallway.

Josh Deters and Parker Sethaler

Students at Liberty have started competing in a competition where they each get to design their own fire hydrant and the winner gets a $1,000 scholarship to a school of their choice. Only seniors are eligible for the competitions, however. 

The Water Division of the Wentzville Public Works Department sponsors the competition. Each year, Wentzville students are asked to creatively interpret a theme for their painted hydrants.

“They started it as a way to get the community involved,” art teacher Ms. Middendorf explained. 

Middendorf speaks on how this is different from most other art projects.

“When you have that competitive piece, I feel like students that are really driven to win are chosen or choose to participate,” she said.

Senior Amanda Speciale explains why she decided to sign up for the competition. 

“First and foremost, it would be a really neat opportunity, there’s a scholarship opportunity attached to it,” Speciale said. She explains what she likes most about the project.

“The bright feel of it. I am kind of going for more of a positive feeling and I think that it will be nice to have something that is just bright and positive,” Speciale said.

Overall, this was a great opportunity for seniors to show their artistic ability and possibly even win a very exciting prize at the same time.