Wentzville Lacrosse State Championship Trophy Is Housed at the Nest

The title plaque was brought to be proudly kept for Liberty to admire


Sydney Davis

From left to right: junior Hagen Walch, sophomore Dante Benson and junior Mikey DiLorenzo pose with the state championship plaque that their lacrosse team attained last year.

Gavin Block, Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Ledger

Wentzville lacrosse has officially brought their 2022 state championship trophy to be presented and displayed at Liberty High School.

The Ville’s varsity boys team attained their first-ever state title in the MSLA Show-Me Cup final at Lindenwood Hunter Stadium on Friday, May 27, 2022. The squad entered the competition as the No. 7 seed out of 12 total teams, and there seemed to be little prospect of them going far; they had reached the semifinals four times previously but never further. They faced the Kirkwood Pioneers in their ultimate match, and in a thrilling contest, they stunned the No. 1 seed with a 12-11 victory in overtime. The game has become considered an instant classic.

The trophy was formally given to Liberty a little before the school day started on the morning of Thursday, March 9.

Those who attended the bestowal of the Show-Me Cup plaque included activities director Cary Eldredge, Wentzville lacrosse president Ed Walch, JV boys assistant coach Mike Canty and three players who are students at Liberty: junior Hagen Walch, sophomore Dante Benson and junior Mikey DiLorenzo.

As all five welcomed, held, and delighted in the award against the distinct red, white and blue backdrop, LHS Publications took photos and gained a glimpse further into the group’s commendable accomplishment and its consequences.

Ed Walch described how winning the state title has impacted Wentzville lacrosse.

“It’s brought a lot of excitement to the program and a lot of excitement to the area,” Walch noted. “We have a lot of local sponsors, and several of them have posted the same picture that’s on the trophy up in their place of business. It’s been really neat to see all four high schools at the games rooting the team on.”

Having lost 18 seniors last year, Walch expressed that the program hopes to replenish this with new players, new support and continuing their run of form.

Hagen Walch takes pride in the state championship sign being stored here, stating, “Having the trophy be at my home school and having something that I’ve worked for here is nice.” He added that with the bar now set higher, the team is eager to once again secure a state title.

It is expected that the revered accolade will likely be placed in the front office of the building.