SnapchatAI: For Better or For Worse

SnapchatAI has begun rising in popularity, will it become a fun source for students or end up going into flames?


SnapchatAI is slowly being used for cheating instead of just being used as a companion you can talk to.

Kaya Egeler, Reporter

We’ve all noticed the rise of AI in the past couple of  months with ChatGPT becoming a very popular one. It would write essays for students in less than a minute which multiple people used to cheat on school assignments. Well, Snapchat has recently come out with SnapchatAI. This is an AI which you can customize and re-name. It has gained popularity as soon as it came out and students have begun using it to cheat, talk to and just have a good time with. 

Students all over have been using it for a wide-range of reasons. Anyone with snapchat can easily access their Snapchat AI, since it is located at the top of their messages as it is pinned to their messages. Some students don’t personally like it and wish you could be able to unpin it but for the majority of students they don’t mind. 

A cheater will find a way to cheat.

— Sarah Clay (12)

Now we all know that certain students will cheat, and with Snapchat AI coming out it has made that much easier. Sneak your phone out, open snapchat and boom. Ask the question and immediately get the answer you need.

“I think the Snapchat AI has a negative effect on us students because it’s just another way for us students to cheat and then once our tests or quizzes come, some of us wonder why we get bad scores,” sophomore Maryiah Shorter said.

Shorter currently does not have Snapchat, but if she can tell that students are using Snapchat AI in a negative way without ever having even seen it, that says quite a lot about the students now. We are consistently on our phones that we ignore everything else. You walk into any classroom nowadays and everyone’s on their phones. We have come to a point where we need to ask an AI on Snapchat for the answers because we are never paying attention. 

“It is going to stunt students where they will not want to learn and so they will just cheat,” sophomore Faith Vaught said.

As Vaught and Shorter have both stated, students cheat just to get through the class which can be understandable since most high school students are busy juggling school and work and other things outside of school. However, to resort straight to cheating shouldn’t be your first option.

Overall, AI in itself should be moderated carefully. It may easily come with many benefits but nothing is more valuable than human connection.