Choir Hosts Final Concert of the School Year

Choir’s annual end of year ‘Pop Concert’ finishes the year off with a bang


Anna Simms

Senior Sarah Clay performing front and center during the group number “Song of a Disney Hero.”

Rylee Shipes, Sports Editor

Liberty’s choir held their annual pop concert on May 22. Choir director Mr. Datz started the tradition of the pop concert last year as it was his first year teaching here. Pop concert is “a fun way to honor our seniors and end the year with an exhilarating show. it allows us to sing in popular styles we don’t always get to do throughout the year, and it’s an opportunity to showcase individual students’ talents,” explained Datz.

The concert was themed “Choir Goes to the Movies” so the opening number was “Eye of the Tiger” choreographed by senior Anna Wright. This number was high energy and even included a fight scene between Datz and fellow teacher Ms. Gehrke. “It was a great opening number,” stated sophomore Marissa Varga. “It got everyone excited.”

As the night went on there were many amazing performances but one in particular was the mass choir number “Disco Fever” choreographed by junior A. Theodore. The act was full of classic 1970’s costumes and music, and “everyone had a lot of fun with it,” expressed Varga. “I really liked the music and the costumes, it executed the disco theme well.”

Another crowd favorite was Teen Beach Movie’s “Cruisin for a Bruisin” choreographed by senior Payton Busselman. The energy was through the roof and the costumes were just the icing on the cake. “‘Cruisin’ was my favorite part because it was so lively,” stated senior Nora Foeller.

Ending the show was a number from Dirty Dancing, “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” choreographed by senior Morgan Feinstein. The entire choir worked together to make it one of the most memorable pieces of the night, not to mention the iconic lift scene from the movie was recreated by Feinstein and fellow senior Logan Honerkamp. “I learned how to work with a group of different skill levels and meet people where they’re at in their choir experience,” expressed Feinstein. 

In the end, pop concert was a ‘had to be there’ event. “My favorite part is watching the show from the wings and seeing the smiles on my students’ faces as they get dressed up in crazy outfits and put their all into a big acting, singing, dancing spectacle,” reflected Datz.