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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Was Homecoming Too Early?

Students start to question if homecoming was too early this year
Homecoming took place on Oct. 15 last year (pictured above) in the commons, a month later than this year’s date.

As homecoming approached, a question was brought up that many students are passionate about: was homecoming too early? As we are still in the beginning months of the school year, it seems we have hit the ground running with events and activities. 

With homecoming being less than a month away from our first day of school, students scramble to find homecoming attire. Will your dress/suit come in time? It’s almost as if students had to start looking for their ensemble well in advance and for some students, the search started as early as summertime. Homecoming is a fall event so the fact people had to start thinking about what they’ll do for the event in the summer months doesn’t seem fitting.

In the past years, homecoming was set for October 2 in 2021 and October 15 in 2022. For as long as most high schoolers could remember, homecoming has been set in the month of October so when we all found out that it was September 16, people quickly fell under pressure. 

As promotion for the event began, a question arose: why this early? Student council president and senior Grace Richardson explained when asked about why the date was much earlier than past years. 

“Mr. Eldredge was given some dates to choose from, from the school board and this was the one he chose because it made the most sense for school,” Richardson said.

There are many different pros and cons about the date that was set for the dance. One good thing about it being so early is that the weather was better than past years. When homecoming was held in October in the past, people found it to be very chilly when they were outside taking pictures. It being mid September allowed for much better temperatures. 

While the weather is a good thing, there are still cons to it.

“I personally wish homecoming was a little later,” senior Jessica Wagner said. “It’s so early in the school year and it’s still going by kind of fast, so having it later in the year gives students something to look forward to when school gets slow.”

Like Wagner, many other people feel the exact same way. There seemed to be very little time given to prepare for this event and with how early it is, people are looking at the first dress/suit they’re interested in and picking it out of fear they won’t have enough time to keep looking.

Even though it is much earlier this year, it did not stop people from having a good time and living in the moment at the dance. Maybe this is a good thing that it’s this early. When it’s all over, the stress of finding a suit/dress, who you’re going with, or even what your hair will look like will be a memory in the past.

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Ashley Hively
Ashley Hively, Reporter
Ashley Hively is a senior and this is her first year in journalism. She also joined yearbook this year and is very excited for what’s to come. Ashley loves to spend time with her friends and family in her free time. She also enjoys shopping, reading, and traveling. When she graduates, she is hoping to major in nursing and pursue a career as a labor and delivery nurse.

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