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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Why Mental Health Should Be Talked About More

Students struggle with mental health while juggling school and sports
Lexi Daniels
A person’s mindset with having bad mental health. Students often struggle with this due to the many pressures they face.

Middle school and high school students continue to struggle with their mental health while also adding school and sports to the mix. Spending hours training for sports, and doing homework, these students barely have time to spend time with their friends and families. 

Students often face unique challenges that can impact their mental health. The pressure to excel academically, perform well in sports, and navigate social relationships can be overwhelming. Students may also experience stress related to future plans. Athletes also may deal with the added pressure of competition, injuries, and balancing their time between academics and sports. 

“I think mental health matters because some people go through things and they’re not able to talk to anybody.” said Iker Cuevas, a junior high school athlete.

I think everyone would benefit from taking care of their mental health, for example, I think everybody should be in therapy.

— Mr. Smith

Keeping your struggles with mental health can intensify feelings of isolation and make it harder to find help. When speaking up about your mental health, it not only relieves some of the burden but will also encourage others to open up about their own struggles. 

“I think everyone would benefit from taking care of their mental health, for example, I think everybody should be in therapy.” said English teacher Mr. Smith.

Taking care of your mental health not only benefits your physical health, but it benefits you as a person. Overall, it makes you healthier and happier. 

Mental health should be talked about more because it’s just as important as physical health. By openly discussing mental health, we can break the stigma surrounding it and encourage people to seek help when they need it. This helps create a supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable and validated. Raising awareness about mental health issues can lead to better access to resources and support for those who are struggling. 

It’s important to recognize that mental health struggles can affect anyone, regardless of age or accomplishments. By acknowledging these challenges and providing support, we can help students prioritize their mental well-being. 

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About the Contributors
Adrianna Laurenti, Reporter
Adrianna Laurenti is a freshman and it’s her first year of journalism and her first year in a brand new school. She enjoys reading and meeting new people. She also loves listening to music. She enjoys listening to Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, SZA, and many more artists. One day, she wants to attend Harvard Law School and train to become a defense attorney. School is very important to Adrianna, as well as soccer. Soon, she wants to try out for the girls soccer team. She would love to visit Italy one day, as that's where some of her family lives. 

Lexi Daniels, Reporter
Lexi Daniels is a freshman in her first year of journalism. When she’s not at school, she can often be found participating in physical activities. While she does enjoy being active, she is creative and enjoys art and design. Lexi values time with loved ones, and enjoys being around her friends. She plans to continue her journalism journey and looks forward to growing her skills. 

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